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Cool Stay in Beijing Yunmeng Mountain

Searching for a nice scenic spot for summer tour in Beijing? Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park will be a good choice. Cool stay here in the scenic area, you will get a comfortable journey.

Beijing Yunmeng Mountain

Appearance of Yunmeng Mountain Forest Park
Lying between Miyun County and Huairou District of Beijing, Yunmeng Mountain is a part of Yanshan Mountains. For the tranquil environment and charming sceneries, this site has become one of the most famous tourism scenic spot, especially during summer holiday. Compared to other scenic spots, Yunmeng Mountain housed the big treasure. It offered national forest parks. Once arriving in this wonderful land, tourists will be impressed by the lofty peaks, deep valleys, peculiar rocks, luxuriant trees and blossoming flowers. For these natural-formed wonders, Yunmeng Mountain gains the high fame as the Small Yellow Mountain in Beijing. It is truly a nice resort for enjoying a typical summer holiday.

Best Time, Best Treasure
For the summer season during the July and August, it is best time to admire the sea of the clouds. This time, you could regard yourself as a fairy flying to the heaven world. Especially in the morning or on the rainy days, one could get to the mountainside to admire the clouds and mist filling in the air. It is extremely charming to see the mist in the forest gathering and rising slowly. They are enveloping the lower mountaintops and the valleys. Appreciated from the far distance, the green hills are partly hidden and partly visible in the thick mist. This phenomenon is really enjoyable - like the tourists immersed in fairyland.

Other Focus in Yunmeng Mountain
In addition to the breathtaking sceneries and sea of clouds, there is another focus - Waterscape. The delicate Tiger Bath Pool is surrounded by clumps of reeds. It is just like the wild nature without any man-made decoration. During summer holiday, this pool will conduct its full function, not only bringing the coolness but also the interesting activities. This pool gets the name from a legend that a tiger had bathed there. Moreover, there are Tiger Sleeping Pool, Jingshen Pool and the Habitat Eagle Fall. Among them, the most famous one is the Four Fog Pools. It housed four pools formed different waterfalls. Each of them housed typical feature and appearance.

Welcome your summer holiday! Yunmeng Mountain will show the utmost beauty!

Roaming in Flower Ocean

When summer comes, all the people want to purify the mind and cultivate sentiment and mood. During Beijing summer tour, the best thing will be roaming in the flower ocean world for leisurely sightseeing. Now, I will introduce you the Beijing Botanical Garden.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Bright Layout of Beijing Botanical Garden
As a top scenic spot, Beijing Botanical Garden is an important base for science education, research and tourism. Just located between the Fragrant Hills Park and Jade Spring Hill, Botanical Garden is about 23 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area. Now, this garden has become a large scale open area of 2,000,000 square meters. Being composed by Plant Exhibition Area, Scenic Spot and the Historical Resort, Scientific Research Area and the Nature Reserve, Beijing Botanical Garden is a popular resort for experiencing typical summer holiday. Just walking along this tranquil road, tourists will be impressed by the flavor of these flowers first. Summer is an ideal season when all kinds of flowers are blossoming. 10,000 categories of plant with a population of 1.5 million plants are cultivated here, for which this one has been regarded as the biggest in north China so far.

Treasure of Beijing Botanical Garden
Combining water area and the planting area, this garden has received loads of tourists with fresh environment. The large scale Plant Exhibition Area has four clear divisions. The Theme Gardens have 11 sub-divisions including Lilac Garden, famous Chinese Rose Garden, Flowering Peach Garden, Peony Garden and more. However, the most remarkable part will be the greenhouse exhibition of plants. Formed in the year of 1998, this part was opened to the public in the year of 2000. Covering a large scale area of 9,800 square meters, this greenhouse enjoyed a high reputation of 'the biggest display greenhouse in Asia'. Being composed of 4 parts, it exhibited its typical beauty in the Tropical Rain Forests Area, Desert Plants Area, the Garden of Seasons and the Theme Exhibition Rooms.

Other Wonderful Lingering Spots
Apart from main scenic area, Beijing Botanical Garden is also a stage showing the Historical Spots including the Temple of Recumbent Buddha, Liangqichao Tomb, Memorial of Cao Xueqin and the Cheery Valley. Each of them could be regarded as the wonderful resort for summer holiday.

Appreciating, lingering or relaxing, Beijing Botanical Garden is always waiting for your summer holiday!

Have Fun at Night in Beijing

Beijing has not only a wide variety of ancient sights to offer, there are still diverse options for night out while visiting Beijing. You can easily enjoy an incredible night out alone or with friends by heading in to one of the many clubs or bars to have fun during your summer tour in Beijing.

Top Destination for Fun in Beijing
Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun Bar Street, is located in Chaoyang District on Sanlitun Road East Workers Stadium East, with numerous and famous bars and clubs lining the street. The first bar was founded in 1983. Sitting next to the embassy district, there are many foreigners coming here to relax. Because the street is so famous, some foreign embassies flood into the clubs or bars from Sanlitun road to Sanlitun bar street, which is open from every afternoon to the early morning of the second day. The Sanlitun area is home to high-grade hotels, shopping malls and more. Daytime it is relatively deserted, after 9:00pm it comes alive. There are many foreigners driving a car or taking a taxi to get here every day, especially in the evening, foreigners flocked over here for fun, as well as many Chinese party-goers.

Another Must-go Destination for Fun at Night
Beijing Houhai Bar Street

Houhai Bar Street is different from Sanlitun, where western style bars and Chinese tea house and Tavern coexist, with beautiful waterfront and a dynamic, quiet and calm vibe. It is said that the Houhai Bar Street was formed only ten years ago, the original guest is blonde foreigners. After getting famous it became a favorite haunt for travelers. The upscale bar with Europe and the United States style can be found here, menu written in English, the supply of wine and Western style meals. If you want, you also can enjoy authentic Beijing dishes. Chinese style pub has a long row of the tables set outside, offering fried seafood, Beijing snacks and Beijing Erguotou and Yanjing, Qingdao, Budweiser and other brands of beer, all affordable. Therefore, this is a popular haunt for night-out seekers in the summer. The tavern is very clean, service is enthusiastic, letting visitors getting relaxed, showing a feeling of home. To enhance the environment, bars, restaurants offer no band. After a busy day, sit by the lake, enjoy the wine - great way to while away a night.

Overall, summer travel in Beijing can be fun and an essential experience!

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