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Fully Relaxed in Beijing Olympic Water Park

Get rid of the summer heat, going out to research the dazzling cool resort will be an ideal choice. All-inclusive water areas in Beijing are all popular in the tourists. However, the awe-inspiring one will be the famous Beijing Olympic Water Park.

Beijing Olympic Water Park

Fabulous Layout of Beijing Olympic Water Park
Just located in Shunyi District, Beijing City, the Olympic Water Park gained the first advanced location, tranquil Beijing suburb area. It is built for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and experienced 7 month' construction. With the coverage area of about 302 square meters, it is the main site for holding all the rowing games. Being surrounded by charming environment, it has been regarded as the most ideal tourism resort. What the most features are it always combined the Slalom Site and the Hydrostatic field; graceful environment, natural, green and soft. After the Olympic Game is over, this water park has become a very famous water area for inspiring summer season. Upon arrival in this area, a kind of fresh feeling will pour into your mind and vision. Being surrounded by charming environment, it has been regarded as the most ideal tourism resort. What the most features are it always combined the Slalom Site and the Hydrostatic field; graceful environment, natural, green and soft.

Entertainment in Beijing Olympic Water Park
Coming to this park, the first feature will influence your mind. Water is different and typical here. It seemed that the water here has life, vigorous and alive. Mixed into the surrounded environments, it showed more fabulous and wonderful. Every summer, this park will be full of children and young people. They came here just to enjoy the soft water and exciting feeling that the water brought to them. It is particular that the water here could create a kind of harmonious atmosphere. If you have enough time, you would find it will be more interesting about the water and the water activities. Advanced water facilities offered great chance to the tourists to fully explore this holy land feeling the Olympic spirits. Besides, this park also established the five theme lyrical scenic spots. When you are boating with your lover, you will be slowly lost in the breathtaking picture.

Beijing Olympic Water Park is an ideal place for both of the summer relaxed and wonderful water picture! If you are still hesitating, join us!

Explore Pacific Ocean Underwater World in Summer

Very popular among summer visitors to Beijing, the Pacific Ocean Underwater World has something for everyone! A tour of the marine world is an essential summer experience in Beijing!

Beijing Pacific Ocean Underwater World

Overview of the Marine World
Located in the Central Radio and TV Tower West Third Ring road, the Pacific Ocean Underwater World is easily accessed by the bus. The underwater world is composed of subsea tunnel, roaming area, touch pool aquarium exhibition, Penguin Pavilion, marine animal performance area, children aquarium, cinema, gift shops, fast food restaurants, shipwrecks, computer, etc. Here has integrated popular science, sightseeing, entertainment - all rolled into one of the modern comprehensive expos in Beijing.

Highlight of the Underwater World
The underwater world offers a wide variety of sights. Subsea tunnel takes visitors to stand in the auto trails, walk in the water, and take in the marine flora and fauna with the charming panoramic view, resplendent with the coral reef, sharks, moray eels, grouper, sea turtles and other ocean fish. Visitors can watch the sharks, turtles and fish swimming around the divers for food or get rest in the performance area. Emperor penguins are the true star in the Antarctic Circle, at present more than 20 species of penguins live in the world, the emperor penguins live only on the Antarctic continent, wintering and breeding. Museum houses more than 20 only very cute penguins, which have fully adapted to the life here and successfully reproduced the next generation. Marine animal performances pool offers lovely sea lions, seals, sea animal show in the pool, following the trainer guide, along with the cheerful music, performing circling, backstroking and the trainer kiss action.

Dynamic theater offers modern simulation and audio technology used in virtual reality, with rotating six degree freedom motion to offer experience the underwater adventure and get dreamy feeling like swimming in the sea. Modern simulation and audio technology used in virtual reality, with rotating six degree freedom motion to offer experience the submarine underwater adventure and get dreamy feeling. Touch pool offers visitors to have personal experience, which is non-toxic, lovely sea animals including a small shark, tachypleus amebocyte lysate (sea duck), starfish for visitors to touch. Children Aquarium shows to kids a number of characteristics of seawater, freshwater fishes, including the small sturgeon, flounder fish, small blade fish, archer fish, elephant fish. Kids can not only read the funny cartoon fish story but also can learn the marine knowledge.

Overall, you will spend some quality time with your kids with a visit to the underwater world while visiting Beijing in Summer!

Explore Black Dragon Pool in Summer

Hailed as one of the most sought after summer retreats in Beijing, a visit to the Black Dragon Pool takes you to get away from the city noises, the crowds and the fast pace! It is a great way to relax and take in rural Beijing at the same time.

Beijing Black Dragon Pool

Overview of the Scenic Area
The national 3A level scenic area, Black Dragon Pool is located in the northwest of Miyun County, 93 kilometers away from Beijing. The stream flow is formed in the gully erosion type pool. At the beginning of the last century, Beijing summer flood carried a lot of sand, with the flow velocity, maximum erosion, a large number of riverside rock surfaces have been formed here. In the course of time, the formation of a large number of pools has completed and scattered all over in this area. The scenic area has attracted a lot of visitors to do sightseeing or relax here, since in 1984 it was officially opened to the public. Covering a total area of 9 square kilometers, it is a canyon corridor, with a total length of 4 km and the drop more than 220 meters.

Highlight of the Scenic Area
There are a large number of pools and lakes as well as waterfalls which can be seen at every turn of this scenic area. Charming Cave: as a 15 meter deep cave, there are incredible sights inside the cave, which can hold more than 100 people. In order to avoid visitors suffering climbs up the cave, from the entrance to the exit there is a staircase built, known as the Tongtiandong. Through this cave, you can get to the top of the waterfall. The Black Dragon Pool covers an area of only 4 to 5 square meters, with the depth of 25.6 meters. With smooth cliffs, in strange shape, it is the deepest lake in Beijing. Since 1985, the Black Dragon Pool Scenic Area offers spring outing, summer retreat, autumn harvest, winter ice climbing activities and performances, attracting lots of visitors.

Overall, Black Dragon Pool is well worth exploring for those who want to find top summer retreats in Beijing!

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