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Explore Idyllic Gorge in Beijing

Hailed as one of the top getaways and summer retreats in Beijing, Qinglong Gorge makes for a perfect summer vacation destination for visitors to Beijing. It is a great way to get away from the summer heat and fast pace of the metropolis.

Beijing Qinglong Gorge

Basic Information about Qinglong Gorge
Qinglong Gorge tourist resort is located in Huairou District next to the famous ancient the Great Wall pass Dashuiyu and at the south of Yanqi Lake. The scenic area is famous for its exquisite and pastoral scenery, surrounded by mountains and rivers, mystic valleys as well as the Great Wall, making it a perfect vacation destination. The area boasts a unique climate, cool and pleasant in summer, giving vacationers a chance to get away from the noisy city and take in quiet mountain natural landscape. Qinglong Gorge scenic area consists of the ancient Great Wall, Black Dragon Gorge Waterfall and Qinglong Gorge Water Recreation Area. Qinglong Gorge has long enjoyed an advantageous location as the ancient military fortification, with mountains of Yanshan and the Qinglong Gorge located here. In other words the Qinglong Gorge served as a natural fortification of Beijing. Here is home to a section of the Great Wall connected with the Miyun Simatai Great Wall and Pinggu Great Wall as well as the Great Wall at Juyongguan. It was used as natural pass to stop the invasion of the Huns and other ethnic minorities.

Fun Stuff to Do in Qinglong Gorge
The north of the area is surrounded by valleys and lakes where tourists can take a boat along the winding waterway to appreciate the scenery on both sides. In summer you can swim or play football or volleyball on the beach, or enjoy sunbathing. The east coast offers a series of fun programs like bungee jumping, climbing, skiing, and other entertainment projects. On the quietly flowing stream you can go boating or enjoy the bamboo raft. Both sides of the canyon are surrounded by majestic mountains and lush vegetation. The top of the hill houses well preserved ancient Ming Dynasty Great Wall and watchtowers, welcoming numerous visitors to explore the historic sites. Visitors can also hop on the ropeway from the foot of the hill, to get up the mountain slowly, Qinglong Gorge scenic spot offers you a dramatic panoramic view of the surroundings. Jingdong plains and farmland stretch as far as the eye can see; the amazing sunset, the ancient city of Huairou, greenery-covered peaks, as well as the Great Wall and cypress all worth exploring.

Overall, Qinglong Gorge is well worth a visit while traveling around Beijing in summer days.

Fully Relaxed in Phoenix Hill Natural Park in Summer

For the coming of Beijing summer, everyone is doing their best to create a terrific summer holiday. In addition to the imperial building sightseeing and great wall climbing, there are many natural sceneries waiting for your discover. As the most famous natural park, Phoenix Hill Nature Park is a nice destination.

Beijing Phoenix Hill Natural Park

Picturesque Scenery in Phoenix Hill Natural Park
Located in Beijing suburb area, the heaven endowed the typical tranquility to this park. With a large scale area of about 16 square kilometers, Phoenix Hill Park has become a must-enjoy place for the tourists during summer period. As a perfect-preserved ecological area, here not only has the charming natural scenery but numerous historical relics. Covering the green hills, limpid water, fresh air and terrific air humidity, Phoenix Hill Natural Park is regarded as the lung of Beijing City. In addition to appreciate the colorful cultural relics, during your Beijing tour here, you could enjoy the sites of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. These cultural sites are very compatible with the natural sceneries sounded.

Delicate Scenic Spots in the Park
Over 40 scenic spots designed this park which could be appreciated from three tour routes. First, the north route is famous for the natural scenic spots. Wandering here, you will be impressed by the main sights along this route including Physiognomy of Sea Cliff, the Geyi Nunnery and Shangfang Temple, etc. Among these spots, the most popular will be the Yijing Pond which could add more coolness to summer. In addition to this, the famous Tianti could be seen from this route. Coming to the middle route, you will find it started as the Longquan Temple which is built in the Liao Dynasty. Walking along this mountain, tourists could appreciate the scenic spots including the Immortal Cave, Three Buddha Cave and Xuanyuan Cave, etc. Last route is the south route which is a natural line with few man-made scenic spots housing Huangpu Yard, Guandi Temple and Lvzu Cave etc. Each of them stored rich religious cultures. What the most impressive is there are many mysterious scenic spots which are ongoing. After walking tired, tourists could choose the Cherry Village for enjoying fully relaxed.

For your Beijing summer tour, Phoenix Hill Natural Park is truly a good place for leisure and pleasure.

Explore Taoyuan Fairyland in Beijing

Off the beaten road in Beijing, the Taoyuan Fairyland makes for a perfect summer retreat for visitors to Beijing. The scenic area is filled with one of a kind natural wonders. A visit to the fairyland takes you to get away from the city scenes, the crowds and the summer heat.

Taoyuan Fairyland

Overview of Taoyuan Fairyland
The national 3A level scenic spot, Taoyuan Fairyland is located in the territory of Northwest Miyun County, 90 kilometers away from Beijing. It can be reached from the 101 national road to Miyun, and then via the Miyun reservoir dam. It is a genus of gneissic granite Gorge Scenic area. Originally a few people tread in this deep canyon. In 1967, 13 meters high, 20 meters long concrete dam was built in the valley, forming a storage capacity of 50000 cubic meters of water. In 1997, local government made full use of the natural landscape rich in resources within the canyon, as a natural scenic spot and open to visitors. The area, with a total length of 8 km, east of Miyun reservoir, west to the Guanfengtai, covers a total area of 16 square kilometers. The whole area is filled with undulating hills, deep valleys, dense forests, Luo Tuofeng, fairy peak, Taoyuan waterfall, a Buddism godness Guanyin Tianchi Lake, turtle shadow and the like. The scenic area is believed to be formed one hundred million years ago. Many of the deep pool, steep waterfall form a unique landscape.

Highlight of Taoyuan Fairyland
Taoyuan Waterfall: The waterfall was formed by the violent movements of Yunmeng Mountains thousands of years ago. During the rainy season, waterfall stretches 66 meters, thundering sound echoing all over canyon. Under the waterfall stands a deep pool with the depth of 3 meters, an area of 200 square meters, called green dragon pond. Along the side of the cliff near Qinglong waterfall there is a ladder, which can take people to experience the waterfall from the side to take in majestic sight.

Shengu Cave: the cave is a water eroded cave, covering an area of nearly 300 square meters. Longquan pool sits above the lake, under the Xishui pool, strange landscape forming a unique waterfall cave.

Outlook Peak Platform: the scenic spot is located in the end on the mountain, 808 meters above sea level, the platform is actually a huge boulder. Outlook peak platform offers panoramic views of Yunmeng Mountains peaks, Miyun reservoir, when the sky is clear.

Overall, Taoyuan Fairyland is well worth a visit while visiting Beijing in summer!

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