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Have Fun Exploring Water in Summer Palace

There is truly nothing like a fun and serene cruise in Summer Palace while visiting Beijing during summer days. With a cruse down the river all you need to do is relax, have fun or just kick back. Summer Palace makes for a great retreat to get away from the summer heat, the crowds and the fast pace of the city.

Summer Palace

Overview of Kunming Lake
Kunming Lake features a design based on embankments and bridges. Kunming Lake in Summer Palace is a not wide dike, with six bridges built on the embankment, forming countless graceful scenery, which is no less than the Hangzhou West Lake Causeway. The most beautiful bridge is the Jade Belt Bridge. In the south of the park sits an island, connected with the Seventeen Hole Bridge. According to the design of Chinese Royal Garden, the lake is modeled on the Hangzhou West Lake Causeway. The sparkling lake, winding path, the scattered islands, as well as various buildings looming in the lake scenery, stunning scenery makes a cruise on Kunming Lake an essential Chinese experience. In the Summer Palace it features clever use of China garden art, the distant mountain and Yuquan mountain peaks are in the sight of visitors, offering a landscape of lakes and mountains, adding radiance and beauty to each other, very beautiful. Main sights include Xidi and Dongdi, there are six bridges still in good shape. The South Lake Island offers the most beautiful scenery, covering an area of 16 acres, with Hanxu Hall and Jade Temple and other ancient buildings on the island. Looking from the high point on the island, a landscape of lakes and mountains spreads out.

Features of Summer Palace
Barrier free facilities and services: barrier free main gates, the barrier free main tour routes, barrier free Toilet, obstacle free signs.
Cruise terminals: eight square Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, Yu Lan, paiyundian, stone pavilion, bronze bull, stone boat, South Lake island.
Ship types: hand boating, paddle boat, battery boat, large cruise ships.
Number of cruise ships: 350.
Large cruise ships operate boat tour business: daytime from 8:00 to 17:00; nighttime from 18:00 to 22:00. Interpretation service includes Chinese, English and Russian guide to tourists. Battery boat cruise consists of five stations. Operation time: from 9:00 to 16:00, not rest at weekend.

Overall, you will have lots of fun while enjoying water and views in Summer Palace!

Cool Down on Beijing Wulingshan

Nothing beats a retreat to Wulingshan while visiting Beijing during summer days. You can easily spend a vacation out here to relax, have fun or just kick back. Wulingshan is a great place to get away from the summer heat, the crowds and the fast pace of the city.

Beijing Wulingshan

Overview of Beijing Wulingshan
Located at the junction of Xinglong County, Luanping and Miyun County in Beijing, Wuling Mountain National Nature Reserve is 130 kilometers away from Beijing, covering an area of 14400 hectares. Vegetation coverage rate is as high as 93% in Wuling Mountain National Nature Reserve with the main peak boasts an elevation of 2118 meters above sea level. The area features a temperate continental monsoon type mountain climate with the winter lasts long and summer short. The summer is cool out here, and features large temperature difference between day and night. Hailed as the cool island in northern China, Wuling Mountain National Nature Reserve has rich plant resources, home to 665 genera and 1870 species, and a class of nationally protected plants and 173 species of wild animals. The negative ion content of the air is rich, plus pleasant weather, it is a perfect tourist destination.

What to Expect while Visiting Wulingshan
Wuling Mountain National Nature Reserve boasts Forest Landscape as the main landscape, as well as mountains and peaks, brooks and pools, and cultural relics all over the area. The static and dynamic landscape, natural and human landscape all blend into one harmonious whole, forming a unique painting-like picture scroll. In summer, the places outside the mountain is steamed by the scorching sun, however Wulingshan is very cool with its lush trees, nasturtium blooming. Natural forest shade, artificial wood aroma, strong sunlight, filtering through layer upon layer of leaves, Wulingshan is a great place to retreat from the heat. A stroll in the forest will let you feel refreshed and indulge in pleasures without stop. In recent years, the nature reserve has launched the healthy ecological tours themed on natural oxygen bar, retreat from summer heat, scientific research, allowing visitors to recover the original simplicity in nature, enjoy the gift of nature and the harmony between man and nature. Wuling Mountain becomes the best place for citizens to return to nature and kick back.

Overall, Wulingshan is well worth a visit while visiting Beijing in summer.

Take a Deep Breath in Western Hills National Forests Park

For Beijing summer holiday, there are many places to enjoy and explore. However, if you want to have a deep breath getting rid of the bustle city life, Western Hills National Forests Park will be an ideal choice.

Natural Resources in Western Hills National Forests Park
Beijing Western Hills National Forests Park

Just located in the suburb area of Beijing City, Western Hills National Forests Park is endowed to the advanced feature - tranquility. Every tourist here is very willing to enjoy the natural decorations and typical tranquil environment. In the year of 1984, this park was built and it has undergone long years developed into five scenic spots. With the coverage area of about 60 square kilometers, it becomes a must-enjoy place among locals in Beijing. Only the forests area, it reached about 52 square kilometers. Due to the advanced location in the temperate zone, it becomes the home of some wildlife. Once enter into this park, what impressed will be the various rare plants, species of birds and lovely creatures. Here not only housed the animals and the plants, but also many historical relics. It is said that in the Ming Dynasty, the hillside near is the royal burial site. Besides this, many famous temples are located here, too.

Charming Scenery in Western Hills National Forests Park
Beijing Western Hills National Forests Park

Compared to other parks, Western Hills National Forests Park housed many various fruits. During summer holiday, you would smell the typical flavor of the peaches. A large scale of apricot trees planted on the mountain adding more typical color and fresh tastes to this area. Most of the tourists are willing to have camp here. Sitting in the forests, listening to the birds singing and charming surroundings, fully feel the colorful nature, cultivate sentiment and mood. In the early summer, the fruit flowers are blossoming. In the middle of summer, little fruits will appear their lovely appearance. In the late summer, all the fresh leaves will form a big screen. If you come to this park, one spot you should not miss is the Baiwangshan Forest Park. It is truly a beautiful tourist destination combining unique cultural sight. Walking inside, you will find many amazing scenic spots. It is a terrific pace to have a summer education about environment protection and patriotism.

There are many luring attractions under construction. For Summer Holiday destination, just choose Western Hills National Forests Park!

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