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Boating in Downtown Area in Beijing Summer Tour

Summer holiday is a fully relaxed period. With high temperature, tourists could research for some exciting activities with water or visit the suburb of Beijing. Leisure boating in downtown area of Beijing is extremely a terrific enjoyment.

Boat Tour in Beijing

Boating in Summer Palace
As the largest imperial garden, Summer Palace endows the brightest feature in the Kunming Lake. In summer, with the sceneries blossom to the utmost beauty, the water here also becomes soft and lovely. Boating here is the smartest idea. Together with friends and families, take the boat on the spacious water area to enjoy the breathtaking willow trees smiling on the bank and tranquil environment surrounded. Touching the water, soak in your imagination. What the most attractive is what the breeze brought to you, leisurely atmosphere and pure world. In addition, you can both enjoy the cool feeling and the Chinese ancient culture here. With profound history Summer Palace was originally built as summer resort for the imperial families. It is certainly an ideal place to enjoy the luxurious imperial atmosphere and marvelous summer holiday.

Boating along Beijing Zoo
Just located in the outer side of Beijing zoo, the river here is an ideal place to enjoy exciting boat tour. Especially for the tourists after enjoying the lovely animals inside, take one boat along the river, roaming in the waves and the luxuriant trees. Boating here can inspire your inner exciting feeing not same as that in the garden park. Various boat types are valuable for you, bigger, small with different materials. If you are very interested in the surf boat, there will be the professional staff driving the boat. He will show the most exciting driving skill to dig the shouting from the inner heart. If you are very interested in the tranquil boat, the big wooden boat will satisfy your desire.

Boating in Old Summer Palace
Apart from the suburb area lakes, there is one place you should not forget. Yes, it is just the historic record place - Old Summer Palace. Although, loads of treasures have been destroyed in the war time, the lake area is still keeping the best. Atmosphere is more tranquil and excellent than any other places for the few tourists appreciating. Of course, there are still many tourists here to enjoy the ruined beauty and history prints. You can boat on your own pace to enjoy your summer holiday, or take your mind into the ancient times. Getting a cup of drink when boating is ideal choice for terrifically enjoy the awe-inspiring sceneries.

Greeting typical summer holiday, just boating!

Historical Summer Resort - Old Summer Palace

For summer holiday in Beijing, visit a garden full of green coverage will be a nice choice. Among so many historical sites and imperial gardens, Old Summer Palace is always forgotten by tourists. To get rid of summer heat and learn more about Beijing, Old Summer Palace is also regarded as a right place.

Old Summer Palace

Incomparable History
Although, Old Summer Palace has been destroyed in the past wars, it also conquered with unique tranquility, fresh atmosphere and the historical relics. Most important thing is that it is the history witness. Being built in Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty, Old Summer Palace experienced about 100 years' construction. It was enlarged and expanded to a largest-scale imperial garden for summer resort and pleasure. With the coverage area of about 350 hectares, it has attracted much attention no matter in the modern days or the past years. Wandering along this historical delicate garden, tourists could enjoy the ancient history appreciating these ruined wonders. Also, they could enjoy the tranquil environment sitting down. Especially during the summer holidays, all the surrounded residences and tourists will come here for summer relaxed. At this time, this palace will recover its lively atmosphere.

Marvelous Building Construction
Old Summer Palace both enjoy summer relaxed and history records. Basically, this large scale area is composed by three main parts, Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan and Changchunyuan. Tourists here can just take in its unique beauty. More than hundreds of scenic spots gathered here making up exquisite halls, pavilions, lakes, rivers and ponds. Sitting on the ruined stones, you will find these stones or the ruined architecture showed western style building. It is right that this mysterious garden gathered the traditional building style. If you are very interested in the background history, you can choose the video room to appreciate the Old Summer Palace Recovery Scene to enjoy the unique beauty and grand atmosphere. All the ruined scenic spots are piled up forming a complete beautiful picture mixing western style charming, Chinese traditional carving skill and the terrific designing ideas. After that, then enjoy what you are interested, roaming in your imagination. This time, you will find the essence of your summer holiday here.

Boating in the water lakes to enjoy the surroundings, you will be completely impressed by the defective beauty of Old Summer Palace!

Retreat to Museums while Visiting Beijing in Summer

For those who want to get away from the summer heat and enjoy a break from the city noises and crowd in Beijing, retreat to one of the many museums in Beijing would be an excellent choice. Here are two top museums worth considering visiting.

China National Museum
China National Museum

China National Museum covers a total construction area of nearly 200000 square meters, with collection of more than 120 items, which is the largest museum complex in the world. The museum has 49 exhibition halls, with a minimum area of 700 square meters. The largest central hall covering 2000 square meters. Warehouse capacity reached 1000000 to 1200000 items. There are four VIP rooms respectively decorated with wood, brick, stone and copper - the Brick Hall features the Suzhou brick-carving style. Wood Hall is decorated with Nanmu, carefully carved by Dongyang arts and Crafts Master Mr. Lu Guangzheng. In front of the Copper Hall sits a bronze screen and the inscription comes from Dayuding, carved by the copper-carving artist Mr. Zhu Bingren. The museum is a great place to understand Chinese history and appreciate arts.

Capital Museum
Beijing Capital Museum

Capital Museum is a comprehensive museum equipped with the most advanced facilities. Here displays a wide array of collections, with the unearthed relics from Beijing as basic exhibit, demonstrating Beijing history, cultural relics, archeology and more. The Capital Museum with its magnificent architecture, rich exhibition, advanced technology, excellent services, has become a large-scale modern museum living up to Beijing as the historical and cultural city, cultural center and international metropolis. Now the museum has been listed into the first-class domestic and international advanced museum.

Over the years, the Capital Museum has collected all kinds of artifacts, and the collection of cultural relics has reached two hundred and fifty thousand pieces, including: bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy, inscriptions, coins, jade, seals, embroidery, bamboo tooth angle device, Buddhist statues, stationery, arts and crafts. The collection is very unique and rare both in China and abroad. Most of the collection was unearthed from Beijing area, including cultural relics excavated after the founding of the peoples Republic of China, from the new stone age, the Shang and Zhou Dynasties and Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming to Qing dynasty.

Overall, these two museums make for perfect summer retreat while visiting Beijing.

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