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Travel Reviews

No matter first-time or regular visitor, travel with your friends, lover or family, various theme tours here meet your expectation!

Reviews of Great Wall Hiking

Reviews and Feedback of Great Wall Hiking
written by: Darren
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: June 13 , 2018
Itinerary: 1 Day Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Temple of Heaven

Interesting tour. The guide was very friendly and spoke great in English although she was a local people. The information that we got in Great Wall and Temple of Heaven was very detailed and complete. In Temple of Heaven, when we were going through its long hall to the main area, we could see some local people dancing, singing, playing cards etc. Very interesting to see!

Reviews of Beijing Tour Packages

Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Tour Packages
written by: Jully Yonng
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: July 18 , 2018
Itinerary: 3 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour B

Tour was wonderful and price was good! The tour guide and driver service good! We enjoyed it very much. We will back to China next summer, we will let you know our plan by then, Thanks.

Reviews of Beijing Side Trips

Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Side Trips
written by: Danya Hess
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Travel Time: June 14 , 2018
Itinerary: Night Tour: Nanluoguxiang, Yandaixiejie

Absolutely one of the best nights out I ever had in Beijing! I really had a lot of fun exploring the lovely and vibrant alleyways which are kind of like intricate mazes. Traversing through the crisscrossed alleyways was part of the fun while enjoying the night out! I just loved every minute of it at Nanluoguxiang! Never seen any night scenes more vibrant and lively!

Reviews of China Tour

Reviews and Feedback of China Tour
written by: John Carnegie
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: June 14 , 2018
Itinerary: Essence China Tour

My essence China Tour is just finished, I have to say my journey is awesome, because i have visited so many classic spots in China, nothing could be better than this journey! In the 12 days, I visited my favorites hutongs in the old Beijing, Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, I like Shanghai and Lhasa too though I got a little AHAD, the tour guide is very nice, and she look after me well.

Reviews of Shanghai Tour

Reviews and Feedback of Shanghai Tour
written by: Arlen
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: June 13 , 2018
Itinerary: 1 Day Shanghai Private Tour to Hangzhou A

Our guide was great, and one of the things we loved was her willingness to talk about contemporary Chinese life. We know more about the history associated with the attractions in Shanghai and Hangzhou with her help. And we taste a lot of delicious snakes in Shanghai and Handzhou, such as Crab-brown Baked Cake, Fried Mantou and so on. Furthermore, we drunk Longjing Tea in Shanghai, and it was very delicious with a unique fragrance.

Reviews of Beijing Day Trips

Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Day Trips
written by: Jesse Cannon
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: December 03 , 2018
Itinerary: Summer Palace, Bird Nest, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

The tour was great. We were picked up on time from the hotel and went to the summer palace first, it is really large and beautiful. It is amazing! We walked along with the tour guide and listened her explanation and feel about this history of summer palace and China. After the visit, the summer palace is not enigmatic to us but became so familiar! Thanks the tour guide John. The Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is a good choice for us, we can see the different culture of the 55 minorities in the short time. Very good! It is really a good trip, thanks again.

Reviews of Beijing Half Day Tour

Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Half Day Tour
written by: Georgia F
Rating: ★★★★☆
Travel Time: June 12 , 2018
Itinerary: Half Day Private Tour: Beijing City Center Bike Tour

We had an official English tour guide and had a fine trip. We ride bike around the imperial palace, it was so large and magnificent, from our tour guide we knew much about it! Beihai park area and wangfujing was great. we like all this tour!

Reviews of Beijing China Tour

Reviews and Feedback of Beijing China Tour
written by: Justin Thompson
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: June 13 , 2018
Itinerary: Ancient City Tour

I was so enjoyed in the ancient city tour in Beijing and Xian. The Forbidden City is magnificent and large. The imperial palaces were all beautiful. Our tour guide made a detailed explanation about the history of Beijing. Xian is also an ancient city which worth to visit.

Reviews of Xian Tour

Reviews and Feedback of Xian Tour
written by: Yvonne
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: August 13 , 2018
Itinerary: 4 Days Xian Tour Package D (with hotel)

This was the first tour I took in China. The sites we saw were great. Xian was a beautiful city. Of course, learning about China's history was the best part of the trip. The tour guide spoke English very well. We had extra time at the end of the tour, and the guide told us many things of Xian and Huashan.

Reviews of Guilin Tour

Reviews and Feedback of Guilin Tour
written by: Giles Deacon
Rating: ★★★★★
Travel Time: June 14 , 2018
Itinerary: 7 Days Guilin Tour Package (with hotel)

It was a nice tour and gave me a good memory, I like the life style of the Guilin people and like the excellent scenery very much. During my tour, the hotel living conditions in Guilin were very good and the services were very well. What's more, the Elephant Trunk Hill tour gave me a deep impression during my tour.