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Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Day Trips

Beijing Highlights Bus Day Tour (No Shopping)
★★★★★Review written by : Robert davisAdded : September 06 , 2017

Really enjoyed every minute of this tour! With no shopping stops in our day trip, had more time spent at those sights and more fun! Our guide was fantastic and very funny. I loved hanging around with him! Highly recommend!

1 Day Bus Tour: Hutong, Lama Temple, Jingshan Park, Panda House & Olympic Stadiums
★★★★★Review written by : PrimoAdded : August 25 , 2017

Booking this tour as we thought we should take children to see Chinese pandas. It was a great experience! I admitted that it is one of the best zoos I have seen, and it has the cutest pandas. And the most amazing zone in Beijing Zoo is the Panda Hall where we saw many pandas. We had heard of this kind of lovely animal, but this tour leaded us to see the impressive pandas. We all like it very much.

Bus Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs
★★★★★Review written by : Nina LangAdded : May 20 , 2014

Just loved this trip to Beijing and really enjoyed it to its fullest. It is fun and filled with my favorite Chinese sights. The itinerary is well organized and our guide was fantastic too.

The Great Wall at Mutianyu is no doubt the highlight of my day trip in Beijing. The wall itself was well restored and very impressive. The solid stone-paved path is good for a walk along the wall. The scenery is one of a kind up on the wall and there are so many great photo opportunities on the wall. 

Overall, had a great day trip that day!

1 Day Tour: National Grand Theater, Financial Street, Wangfujing
★★★★★Review written by : Amit DorAdded : April 17 , 2014

After exploring Beijing ancient highlights, I booked this tour appreciating Beijing modern tastes, truly impressive and fantastic! The building of Grand National Theater, Financial Street and the Wangfujing Street all left me deep impression! To be honest, I hold many interests in the Financial Street. Standing on this street, I saw the faster developing Beijing and the busy people. I could fully feel the fashionable Beijing tastes!

Half Day Private Tour: Forbidden City
★★★★★Review written by : CharlotpeAdded : March 16 , 2014

I heard of lots ot the stories about the Forbidden City, so interenting! The tour guide is so helpful and knowledge! I had a good day!

Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace Day Tour (no shopping)
★★★★★Review written by : Shane leeAdded : March 16 , 2014

This is what I was looking for – fun fun and fun! With no shopping stops, I really enjoyed a wonderful time exploring the imperial palace of China. It gave me more time to get an insight into the architectural style of the imperial palace! I loved every minute of it there! Highly recommended!

Bus Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace
★★★★☆Review written by : Olivier AnceauAdded : March 10 , 2014

This bus tour just suited me perfectly. I really enjoyed myself and had fun while exploring iconic sights in the city. Personally, I really loved the Summer Palace. The garden just took my breath away with its beauty. Everything in there was an eye-catcher, the incredible lakes, pavilions as well as the landscapes. Just could not ask for anything more!

1 Day Private Tour: National Grand Theater & Commercial Streets
★★★★★Review written by : Nadhira Dewi Hanana IrsanAdded : March 04 , 2014

Definitely an eye-opening experience! Got a chance to see the modern side of Beijing on this tour – totally blew my mind! Never expected the city would be so hectic and fast-paced like that! The tour really gave me an insight into the city of Beijing and China!

1 Day Tour: Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Shariqa ShaheedAdded : March 01 , 2014

Last week, following my mother and father, we explored Beijing Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. We enjoyed our every minute in Summer Palace. In the early morning season, everything is doing their best to reach the utmost beauty, very fresh and green. I liked the Suzhou Street very much, delicate and lifelike!

1 Day Beijing Ski Tour: Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort
★★★★★Review written by : Wiani NurfatihahAdded : February 15 , 2014

A lifetime skiing experience! Had so much fun enjoying the ski at the resort. Services were excellent. The rental gear was poor, it was well used and older, however the slopes are awesome. It was really an amazing time I had in there! Thanks!

Visa-Free: Forbidden City, Summer Palace & Temple of Heaven Day Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Devira NorrisAdded : February 08 , 2014

The tour was extremely well organized and our guide Alan was on top of all the details, making it relaxing for the tour participants. We saw most of the famous highlights around the city including the forbidden palace which is more than like a city for me personally because the complex is so huge. Privately love the details of designs inside this ancient palace.

Peking Man Site & Lugou Bridge Day Tour (no shopping)
★★★★★Review written by : Renea LoweAdded : February 06 , 2014

Again the pick up at the hotel was at the expected time. We found the tour very interesting and enjoyable with the driver stopping at places so we could take photos and the guide giving us information and showing us what interesting in both main attractions in this tour. This tour is really recommended for you who has free time in Beijing and really interest on more explore the city especially on its history.

1 Day Tour: Beijing to Xian by Train
★★★★★Review written by : Henry CheahAdded : January 20 , 2014

Everything was great! Well organized itinerary, experienced tour guide and mind-blowing historical sights – all turned my trip to Xian a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I just loved every minute of it! loved most the Terracotta Warriors! Never seen anything more impressive and mind-blowing! Highly recommended!

1 Day Bus Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City
★★★★★Review written by : Fiore FrugoliAdded : January 18 , 2014

Once in a lifetime experience! I just loved it there in Beijing! Really had a lot of fun and a fabulous time exploring two world renowned historical sights of China – the Great Wall and Forbidden City! Never seen anything more impressive and mind-blowing! I just loved every minute of it! Could not ask for anything more!

Half Day Private Tour: Beijing Hutong
★★★★★Review written by : GoriniAdded : January 17 , 2014

Enjoy this tour, the Alley has given people the feeling is very comfortable, quiet, clean, I can imagine Beijing people living here! Even I want to stay here some day!:D Also the tour guide is rich knowledge, very helpful! Everything here are memorable!

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