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Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Tour Packages

5 Day Wonderful Beijing Tour Package for Couples with Kids (with Hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : PattyAdded : August 10 , 2013

Great choice trip if you have much time in Beijing with your kids. It can be called the ideal trip because it also covers some visits to several famous attractions for kids. My kids personally loved a trip to Beijing Sony Explora Science. He looks very excited and interesting in each subject inside. Played around with Chinese kids and experience more.

4 Days Personalized Beijing Tour Package for Couples with Kids (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : CatherineAdded : August 09 , 2013

My family and I, especially kids are happy to see the adorable Chinese panda in Beijing Zoo. Although it was just a short visit but the memories last forever. For adult, we could visit some old historical sites in the capital. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and others are really impressive! Everything was organized and we were happy we did this tour.

5 Days Ancient Beijing Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : SoniaAdded : August 07 , 2013

We thoroughly enjoyed this 5 days tour. Our guides were excellent at explaining exactly what happened and was very interesting. She even explained and answered all of our questions along the way. Because it is a private tour, so the tour was nice, never felt rushed. Hutong is an interesting place. We never imagined that would visit this place. Fun rickshaw ride!

5 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour B
★★★★★Review written by : LucianaAdded : August 06 , 2013

Couldn't have had better introduction to Beijing without join this tour. It was our first visit and thanks to staffs and everyone who helped arranged the tour for us. Beijing is an ancient city which has lots of interesting historical attractions. All the sights were amazing, a great trip to see the overall view of the city.

4 Days Stimulating Beijing Tour Package for Young Couples (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : SophieAdded : August 06 , 2013

A nice trip to explore lots or historical sites around Beijing! This was a fabulous not to missed trip, my only wish is that we could stay longer. The views of Summer Palace, a classical imperial garden of Qing Dynasty China are breathtaking. Relaxing trip to the garden escape from summer heat! We did also see several cultural relics around the garden by tour guide help.

3 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour B
★★★★★Review written by : LeonaAdded : August 05 , 2013

This is the best way to see and learn about Beijing. The capital of China, Beijing, is a nice city which has long and interesting history. We had the most knowledgeable tour guide who always shared a lot of information about the city. We loved the tour and thank you for making our trip so enjoyable. Really recommended!

5 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour B
★★★★★Review written by : MeganAdded : August 05 , 2013

This is a well planned overview tour of Beijing. From the beginning of the tour, it started really well and ended great! Our tour guide was terrific and the selection of stops was very good. We enjoyed the whole itinerary and would recommend this tour without hesitation. Well worth your time and money.

2 Days Essence Beijing Tour Package B (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : LeoAdded : August 05 , 2013

The tour was well organized and the tour guide shared with us her knowledge of the places we were visiting. She (our guide) provided a great range of information about each place and we spent enough time at each location. An excellent way to get an overview of Beijing and China itself. We enjoyed the full 2 day trip as expected. Excellent!

4 Days Beijing Tour Packages - Bus Tour A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : LouisAdded : August 03 , 2013

Excellent trip overall. From pick up to drop off, we had a good time. It was organized very well, with nice people and a lot of information about Beijing and each attraction we did visit within 4 days. My family and I were very pleased. It is a very ideal trip if you are first time visit Beijing and want to learn the basic introduction about the city and history of China.

3 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A
★★★★★Review written by : JuliusAdded : August 03 , 2013

A nice views we did see when we were in Summer Palace. Different from other historical relics in Beijing, this imperial garden also give its nature beauty with lake and beautiful classical Chinese garden landscapes. More than that, we saw all the "highlights" of the city within those 3 days. Well worth it as we get some excellent insight of Beijing with relative low price.

2 Days Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : LeoAdded : August 03 , 2013

We took a fast tour in Beijing. With only 2 days, we did explored lots of attractive historical landmarks in Beijing with professional and informative tour guide. Personally, I really loved the architecture of the ancient palace Forbidden City. That was really old and so Chinese. The real Chinese architecture, huge palace where was used about hundred years long at ancient times of China.

5 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour B
★★★★★Review written by : StacyAdded : July 28 , 2013

This was a great tour that my friends and I really enjoyed. We got lucky and caught a clear day during the rainy season. Summer Palace is a beautiful garden was used for the imperial garden in Qing Dynasty of China. The landscape where we stopped to take pictures was beautiful, and guide always shared lots of information and stories when we stopped. Nice experience!

3 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour B
★★★★★Review written by : MellyAdded : July 25 , 2013

We did see a lot and learn a lot from joined this 3 days tour. My favorite part was visiting the palace, Forbidden City. The architecture of the ancient palace was so impressive and old. It reflects so much of royal family aspect in everywhere inside. I was very proud to be able to enter the area that was used as the forbidden area at past. Have a nice time!

4 Days Beijing Tour Packages - Bus Tour A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : ThierryAdded : July 23 , 2013

This was a great day out, definitely one of the best in Beijing. My first time to Beijing and we just got priceless experience, deep understandings about Chinese history and culture and great scenery. This 4 days tour was an excellently run, the service was good from the hotel pickup to the drop off. Every day full with the highlight and we are very satisfied! Thank you for all the services!

4 Days Beijing Tour Packages - Bus Tour A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : GildaAdded : July 12 , 2013

We actually liked having only few people in this bus tour. In total just 8 people of us. It was very nice experience to know new friends from different countries. They were also very friendly and nice. All the places were interesting and we also got lot of history. We enjoyed the trip thoroughly till the end. Thank you so much!

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