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Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Tour Packages

4 Days Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : KeithAdded : May 16 , 2018

That was my second time visit Beijing. I did visit Beijing 5 years ago for vacation with parents. And last time, we did visit Beijing and surprisingly the city looks different within 5 years. We almost explore all of the major attractions in the capital include Summer Palace, a beauty royal garden which was used as the temporary palace for emperor in the dynasty era of China.

5 Day Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : DancyAdded : May 15 , 2018

5 days Beijing trip was well organized. We had a memorable memory in each attraction in Beijing. In Tiananmen Square, we had enough time capture some photos and explore another historical site around the area. Not only about that, the tour guide was also given us tons of useful tips for the trip. We really enjoyed the whole trip!

6 Days Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : LorenaAdded : May 15 , 2018

A great way to see the city, well worth its cost. Excellent itinerary and good allocation of time to each location. We had the chance to see the most representative attractions in the capital from Great Wall, Forbidden City, Hutong etc till Peking Man Site, Marcopolo Bridge and others historical sites around the city.

3 Day Essence Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : Robert FranzAdded : May 15 , 2018

An essential Chinese experience! Had so much fun exploring the palaces, Hutongs, gardens and night show as well as the Great Wall. Really had a wonderful time hiking up and down the slopes of the wall. The amazing countryside views were all over the place. By the way I tried the roast duck for the first time, really out of the world! Highly recommended!

2 Days Beijing Tour Package E (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : VictorAdded : May 11 , 2018

We learned a lot about the capital of China. Did see amount of important impressive attractions around the city of Beijing and really satisfied with 2 days trip that we took. The lunch was hygiene and delicious. Mutianyu Great Wall offers great sceneries that seem beautiful to see all year long. With only few visitors that come to Mutianyu, we could take better photos.

3 Day Beijing Tour Package B (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : GracesAdded : May 10 , 2018

Great Wall was amazing! We did see amazing stunning sceneries around the complex. The architecture was brilliant and the Wall itself looks very strong and magnificent. Beside the Wall, other destinations were also so impressive! Great city tour! We thoroughly enjoyed the all the day of the tour.

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : MarciaAdded : May 10 , 2018

We very much enjoyed the tour. The bus picked us up and dropped us off right out front of our hotel, which was very convenient. 4 days in Beijing we did visit countless interesting and breathtaking tourist attractions. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you for making the end of our vacation a memorable one.

4 Days Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : DavidAdded : May 10 , 2018

We were able to cover so much attraction during the short time we were in Beijing doing this tour. A great way to orientate yourself with the city, history of China and others! With this tour, we also have a guide on board sharing information about the neighborhood and major sights. Would highly recommend tour to learn more about the city more than just enjoy the views.

2 Days Impressive Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : JacklineAdded : May 09 , 2018

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of it. It was kind of short but we've seen lots of beautiful places in only few days. The tour guide that accompanied us was very enthusiastic and fun to be with. She was also very professional. We highly recommend this tour. Glad we did this tour in Beijing! Thanks!

6 Days Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : TracyAdded : May 09 , 2018

6 days in Beijing was absolutely becomes a great experience for the whole family of mine. All the schedules were on time and right! It is absolutely the highlight of our Beijing visit. We had the most amazing guide ever who was very helpful. Would recommend this tour as a must do when visiting Beijing. Great service!

4 Days Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : TrevorAdded : May 09 , 2018

Taking this tour was the best decision. If you don't have much time and don't want to miss a spot, this is the tour. The tour covers amount of Beijing historical sites that worth to visit. With this 4 days private tour, we got excellent and memorable experience. My family and I, we were very satisfied for the service and the whole itinerary. Thank you for that.

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : FedoraAdded : May 09 , 2018

The tour was worth of money that I spend! I got extremely nice experience vacation in Beijing, China. Not only that, I also got deep understandings about the city and history of each historical attractions. Our travel guide was very informative and professional. I would recommend this four-days tour which you could see amount interesting sites in the capital.

2 Days Historical Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : FreddyAdded : May 09 , 2018

The trip was excellent. The guide was well-informed and very friendly. The bus accommodations were first rate. Overall, it met our requirements and expectations. My first experience visit Beijing becomes wonderful and interesting. Should be back to Beijing again in the near future to explore more. Thank you for all the good service!

1 Day Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven
★★★★★Review written by : Brandon CarsonAdded : May 08 , 2018

A taste of the strong imperial power just in one day did impressive to me. The Forbidden City was quite amazing and I enjoyed the time here. Unfortunately our tour group just went down the central axis, and did not have time to explore the different corners. But our tour guide was great. She spoke very well in English and told us a lot about the history of feudal dynasty in ancient China. We all had a happy time with her!

2 Days Beijing Tour Package E (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : BrigitteAdded : May 08 , 2018

Best organized trip! Fantastic tour when you do not have much time in Beijing. Our tour guide was so nice, informative and helpful. Very knowledgeable local guide with excellent English! She did such a great job telling us about the places we visited and stories about Chinese history. 2 days trip was very worth and memorable! Highly recommended trip!

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