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Reviews and Feedback of Beijing Tour Packages

3 Days Classic Beijing Tour Package (with Hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : JaniceAdded : April 18 , 2018

Amazing royal palace architecture! Great Wall and Forbidden City are the highlight of this tour. Both places are really reflected how long the history of China as well as showed us the rich culture of the country. Forbidden City is a huge complex of ancient palace that filled with sacred important buildings. Besides that, we could see lots of famous attractions beside the palace with this tour!

5 Day Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : CharlieAdded : April 17 , 2018

Lots of fun! It was a memorable 5 days trip in Beijing! Everything was just so organized. Although weather was a little bit cold, but we kept walk through in each spots that we visit. After the trip, we learnt and knew a lot about the history of the important historical places in Beijing. We also recognized traditional culture, habits and art of Chinese people. This was a worth trip to Beijing! Highly recommended!

5 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : KattieAdded : April 17 , 2018

The hotel was good and comfortable, our guide was informative, kind and cool! She knew a lot of history about Beijing and historical sites around the city! We only had a couple of days in Beijing and this tour was excellent. Never could do it by ourselves without your help. Thank you for that! Worth trip, both money and time!

3 Days Attractive Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : TimmyAdded : April 17 , 2018

Summer Palace was breathtaking! It was used as the emperor living places when summer comes in Beijing. An imperial garden which located surround by huge manmade lake. Impressive landscapes with nice Chinese classical garden style! The atmosphere along the lake shore was peaceful and relaxing. The tour was a great way to view the city!

4 Days Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)
★★★★☆Review written by : SteffaniaAdded : April 17 , 2018

4 days Beijing trip was very memorable and well organized. Forbidden City architecture was really breathtaking and always amazed us during the trip. We did take a lot of stunned photos along the way exploring this imperial palace. The complex is just so huge and rich of ancient architectural buildings of China. Impressing!

2 Days Beijing Tour Package B (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : Ulrik MattssonAdded : April 16 , 2018

Once in a lifetime experience! Hiking up and down the snaking wall of China is really amazing and fun! The section I visited is well restored and very ideal for trekking. The stone stairs are very solid and great countryside views all over the area. I just loved every minute of it!

3 Day Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : CarissaAdded : April 12 , 2018

Fun and memorable trip in Beijing! I got this 3 day Beijing tour reservation from my country and it was so great! 3 days we had visited many interesting famous places there. Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City was just brilliant! I love both places! The Square was so huge and clean! And from that square, we move to Forbidden City, incredible ancient imperial palace. Another huge place where we saw many rooms with ancient old designed. Everything was just so organized! Thanks!

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : HannahAdded : April 12 , 2018

4 days excellent Beijing trip! We visited many interesting and attractive places such as, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc. Summer Palace was absolutely fascinating! Love the atmosphere and nature landscape there! It was a quiet and elegant royal garden! From the tour guide, we have also known many interesting story behind. Great service, great places!

3 Days Classic Beijing Tour Package (with Hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : JuliaAdded : April 12 , 2018

The tour includes everything that we need in Beijing and met our expectations. 3 days seems enough traveled all of the most famous attractions around the city. If want to join this tour then prepare your body for the fast tour because you are going to visit lots of historical sites within 3 days. Amazing experience overall and will come back to China again in near future.

3 Day Essence Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : JessieAdded : April 11 , 2018

An amazing tour from start-to-finish. The guide was a fountain of knowledge on all aspects of the trip and provided great insight into the history and origins of each location. We really enjoyed the entire trip. The time at all of the sites seemed well planned and the lunch was quite good. Highly recommended.

2 Days Historical Beijing Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : EmmiliaAdded : April 11 , 2018

In the short time that we had, we saw a lot. I think a longer tour could provide greater insight into such an interesting city of Beijing. The services overall was great, tour guide really friendly and very informative. On the first time, she also introduced her name and profile. Made those 2 day special! Overall, the tour was a good value for the money.

2 Days Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A
★★★★★Review written by : Henry CheahAdded : April 11 , 2018

Never had so much fun and a fabulous time in quite a long while! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! Visited a bunch of interesting sights with our guide Lee who is very knowledgeable and with a great sense of humor. Everything went very well, but sometimes I felt it was a little bit in a rush. Hope I had more time to explore Beijing!

3 Day Beijing Tour Package B (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : LesterAdded : April 10 , 2018

Really wonderful tour beyond our expectation! During 3 days we visited the most famous Beijing attractions and actually I like Mutianyu Great Wall tour best. This is amazing, just standing on a portion of the wall that was built 4 to 5 thousand years ago is mind boggling. Be prepared for lots of steps, and we really mean lots! But the views make it worth it. Great tour!

4 Days Impressive Beijing Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : MelanieAdded : April 10 , 2018

Such a great tour with a great service and tour guide! Overall the trip was extraordinary! We had visited many impressive attractions in 4 days. Every day goes very fast and fun! I need to say, the tour was the tour was organized perfectly, from the beginning. The greatest place was Great Wall! That was just a huge Wall up of the mountains. I could not imagine how the people at past built the Wall! Such a fascinating and incredible site!

3 Day Beijing Tour Package B (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : ArthurAdded : April 09 , 2018

3 days complete Beijing trip that I had in Beijing with my family! Everything was so organized! We had visited many famous main historical sites, such as, Forbidden City. That imperial palace was really amazed me! Such a huge complex with thousands room inside! The architecture and building which also look so ancient and old. 3 days was going so fast. Very worth trip and I definitely recommend this trip to anyone!

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