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Reviews and Feedback of China Tour

World Heritage Site Cities Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Imanuel Alberto KaryonoAdded : October 21 , 2013

I love China noy only because its profound history but also these best preserved heritages. This time, I spent about five days visiting most popular heritage cities, Beijing, Datong, Pingyao, etc. widened my vision and tasted a lot! Once arrived at Datong, I was completely impressed by the mysterious atmosphere and the Yungang Grottoes. The giant Buddha figure was carved lifelike seemed to be smiling to us!

1 Day Luoyang Shaolin Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Nicole SojkaAdded : October 20 , 2013

Definitely once in a lifetime experience! It was really eye-opening and inspiring to explore the temple compound up-close and personal. Learned a whole lot about Chinese kung fu. Really awesome!

6 Days (with hotel) Incredible Value Sichuan Package Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Littleton StrongAdded : October 18 , 2013

This tour is the excellent tour we experienced in these years. I appreciated the fairy sceneries and the loveliest animal – pandas. Jiuzhaigou in my mind is not an earth land but decorating in the heaven. Pearl water, green mountains and the delicate grasses all impressed me a deep impression!

2 Days Hong Kong Essence Coach Tour
★★★★☆Review written by : Johan KurniawanAdded : October 16 , 2013

Hong Kong was really wonderful and I really enjoyed a great break over there! Had a lot of fun along the way with our tour guide who was very funny and knew his way around the city very well! Highly recommended!

2 Days Top-rated Grassland & Hohhot Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : Nikhil GOMESAdded : October 10 , 2013

The whole 2 day tour ran smoothly and on time. We did enjoy amount of famous attractions in the city including Xilamuren grassland, Dazhao Monastery, etc. Our tour guide was superb and the service is more than we expected. Well-organized tour worth time and money!

5 Days Lhasa Tour Package B (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : John NillesAdded : October 10 , 2013

5 days exploring Lhasa is too short for me. I thought there are many lovely spots I have never appreciated. The most feature I stayed in this land is tranquility, purity and sincere. Namtso Lake, this largest lake brought vigorous tastes to this holy area. I liked this land very much!

3 Days Chengdu Travel, Brilliant Panda Base Tour (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : Kasey FajardoAdded : October 08 , 2013

I was satisfied with all the services from the beginning to the end. Together with my family, I had a nice experience in Chengdu. My kids love the pandas very much. The Panda Base is a big family for these babies with good living conditions. We were glad to have a closely approach to these lovely animals and got to know some behavior of them.

3 Days Impressive Hangzhou Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★☆Review written by : NORMAH JOSENAdded : October 06 , 2013

Those 3 days we spent in Hangzhou were full and amazing! Really had lots of fun and eye-opening experiences! Everything was amazing! The scenic lakes, the temple compounds and hills and more – all one of a kind! I just loved it there! Totally worth my time!

8 Days Yunnan Tour Package A (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : Kathleen WilliamsAdded : September 30 , 2013

Definitely one of the highlight trips I had in China! This vacation I have enjoyed them all, great weather, great sights and fantastic tour guide! Everything was perfect! Just loved every minute of it! Could not ask for anything more! Highly recommended!

5 Days Shanghai Huangshan Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Junus Karyono GondosuwirjoAdded : September 28 , 2013

Under the idea of my mother, we booked this tour fully exploring Huangshan. My mother was very interested in the Huangshan Mountain, giant appearance and grave atmosphere. However, Hongcun Village left me a deep impression with cozy and typical tranquility. Tour guide gave us much information about its background and history, very charming and wonderful!

Spotlight 4 Days Sichuan Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★☆Review written by : Lukasz SayedAdded : September 27 , 2013

One week free time in Chengdu, we booked this 4 day tour online. Well-organized tour brought us to visit the famous attractions like Leshan Giant Buddha, Emei Mountain, Chengdu Panda Base and beautiful park. With the fresh air and beautiful mountain scenery, it is highly recommended tour to leisure and relax.

5 Days Classic Chengdu Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★☆Review written by : Sasha LiAdded : September 27 , 2013

We joined 5 day tour to visit the city highlights to make our free time here much more interesting. Right choice we did! We got close look at the cute pandas from different ages, visit the big Buddha, also visited the Sanxingdui Museum for the rich history! Nice experience!

4 Days Golden Sanya Tour Package
★★★★★Review written by : Heinz reitererAdded : September 26 , 2013

Definitely an essential summer vacation we had in Sanya! Had a wonderful time and a lot of fun enjoying everything over there! Sanya was really a wonderful place to live for the rest of our lives. It was fun and all about suntan, seaside beaches and ocean views! Just loved it there!

15 Days Classic Cities and Guizhou Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Lucie KrystkovaAdded : September 25 , 2013

Definitely an in-depth Chinese experience we had! Just to imagine traveling different amazing Chinese cities was like a dream come true to me! I still had to pinch myself to believe it was true and I really did it! Those days were fun and filled with awesome trips! Just loved every minute of it!

4 Days Hangzhou & Wuzhen Tour
★★★★★Review written by : GUSTAVO BRACHOAdded : September 25 , 2013

Getting away from the busy work, I joined this tour for staying in China four days. I could say I really get a fully relaxed exploring Hangzhou. Most charming Hangzhou West Lake in this season showed typical tranquil and dazzling. I liked the Wuzhen very much with unique tranquility and dazzling arrangements, traditional tastes!

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