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Reviews and Feedback of China Tour

2 Days Dongchuan Red Soil Land Bus Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : PATRICK GOSSELINAdded : October 17 , 2017

Bus tour lead me make many friends of other countries. On the whole journey, we shared our feelings and ideas, communicating and laughing. I have never seen the red soil land. This is first time, wonderful and unexpected! Tour guide gave us detail information about it, flowers here reached their utmost blossoming, gorgeous and enchanting!

4 Days Classic Yunnan Bus Tour - Kunming, Dali & Lijiang (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : Mohamed ShaheenAdded : September 27 , 2017

In the original time, my father wanted to explore Yunnan, but disturbed by busy business. This time, we booked the 4 days Kunming, Dali and Lijiang Tour. During the wonderful journey, I felt I was situated in the fairy land surrounded by numerous miracle spots, Black Dragon Pool, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and delicate Baisha Village. I saw their unique appearance, typical features and local culture!

Visa Free: 3 Days Guangzhou Tour Packages with Hotel
★★★☆☆Review written by : Camille TasicAdded : July 03 , 2017

In fact this is 2 full day tour in the city, only transfer service on the third day, but worthwhile to join. The tour guide was really informative and professional. She did answer my question about each place that visited during the tour. Thank you for your service.

4 Days Dunhuang Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Hamid HosseiniAdded : May 06 , 2014

Dunhuang offered me much than I expected. Mysterious Crescent Lake and the Mogao Caves! For the endless desert, this lake is just like a treasure decorating this holy land, dazzling and shining! I widened my vision appreciating the great masterpiece in the Mogao Caves. My heart and body were purified by Buddhism atmosphere!

Visa Free: 2 Days Chengdu Private Tour with Hotel
★★★★★Review written by : Jane JoyceAdded : April 16 , 2014

2 days visa free time in Chengdu, we joined the tour visited panda base, Leshan Buddha and Mt. Emei. This is well-organized tour with knowledgeable tour guide explain all the sightseeing. From the beginning to the end, I am really satisfied with all the services that we received. Highly recommended tour for leisure!

5 Day Jiuzhaigou Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Jacquelynn CarpenterAdded : April 11 , 2014

Definitely an eye-opening and mind-blowing vacation in Jiuzhaigou! Really enjoyed every minute of it and had so much fun! Amazing natural wonders were at every turn while exploring the scenic area! This tour just could not get any better than it already did!

Visa Free: Guangzhou Octagonal Memorial Hall for Sun Yat-sen Day Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Angel RizviAdded : April 10 , 2014

As transit in Guangzhou, I was glad to join this visa free tour, so convenient and made my short stay here much interesting! Whole day tour visited the symbol attractions of Guangzhou let me got much more about the city. Highly Recommended tour!

Half Day Chengde Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Michael PaquinAdded : April 04 , 2014

Short journey to Chengde Mountain Resort is impressive. The scenery was stunning covered with large of vegetation area, lake and palaces. I lost myself in the perfectly combination of the nature and historical sites. Also thank you to my informative guide.

1 Day Chengde Tour
★★★★☆Review written by : Kathleen LebrunAdded : April 02 , 2014

Absolutely enjoy the short trip in Chengde with my family and thank you for the good service by Beijinglandscapes! We did saw many famous attractions inside the ancient city and the Mountain Resort impressed me deeply. The view of the palace, lake and mountains are breathtaking

4 Days Urumqi Tour
★★★★☆Review written by : Anthony RamosAdded : March 28 , 2014

We saw many beautiful natural views and ancient historical sites during our tour in Urumqi, really an impressive tour in China! Heavenly Lake was stunning and fascinating and it is my favorite destination among all the sightseeing, fresh feeling.

2 Days Chengde Tour
★★★★★Review written by : Wijaya FriedAdded : March 25 , 2014

Really enjoyed my trip to Chengde with such good weather. We got a nice service and had an excellent time in each stop. Our guide was very nice, friendly and very interesting. 2 days are enough to explore the city and Chengde Mountain Resort and Putuo Zongcheng Temple are well worth seeing.

2 Days Datong Tour (with hotel)
★★★★☆Review written by : Lester HendersonAdded : March 25 , 2014

Highly recommended Datong trip! This is really a nice tour to explore the old ancient city of Datong by visiting many famous historical places. Yungang Grottoes and the incredible architecture of Hanging Temple impressed me deeply. Very good itinerary, worth time and money.

6 Days Lhasa & Shigatse Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : Delanee NillesAdded : March 25 , 2014

We enjoyed a lot from the hotel tour company offered! Every stay, we enjoyed a fully relaxed and service lead us the feeling of being at home. Lhasa is truly a purity land full of sincere greeting and folk culture, special Shigatse left me special feeling! I am very satisfied with the itineraries!

13 Days World Heritage Tour in South China
★★★★☆Review written by : Andressa Moreno DeAdded : March 17 , 2014

We had so much fun over those days! Our tour guide was fantastic and amazing! Just enjoyed a wonderful time with him with visits to many impressive world heritage sites in China. You just do not always get a chance to experience so much every day! Really glad we did this tour! Thanks a million!

3 Days Soul of Hohhot Tour Package (with Hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : Shelly FiusaAdded : March 17 , 2014

This is our first time tour to Hohhot and we got really an excellent tour! Hohhot is still a peaceful place in China with few tourists. I did experience stay inside traditional Chinese yurt and also get a ton of information about the city. Really memorable!

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