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Reviews and Feedback of Great Wall Hiking Review

Private Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Underground Palace
★★★★☆Review written by : RachelAdded : February 21 , 2013

My family and I, we were very pleased with the entire tour. We were picked up at our hotel and returned as expected. The description of the tour was exactly what happened. Tour guide was very informative and friendly. The Great Wall also has spectacular scenery. Strongly recommend for who want to come visit Beijing.

1 Day Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Hutong
★★★★★Review written by : GustaveAdded : February 20 , 2013

It was breathtaking day in Beijing. We visited the most characteristic places. The Great Wall at Badaling is the world wonder I had ever visited, I went in early spring but it was still freezing up there. But it was a clear day so the views from the top of the Great Wall was so fantastic, which encouraged me to climb to the highest point. Just be careful the steep path is slippery and prepare enough food and drinks before.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square Tour
★★★★★Review written by : FaitheAdded : February 18 , 2013

As the trip advisor told me, the Great Wall at Mutianyu actually is beautiful, even in such old day. Without plants, the Great Wall expressed more majestic and solemn feelings, which let me respect it deeply. And the wind on the Great Wall was so napping that you should take care of your body. If you choose climb it from the foot of mountain, you must wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Without crowds and noisy, I would say it was a great experience.

Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City Tour
★★★★★Review written by : StanAdded : February 18 , 2013

Excellent Beijing tour experience! Both the Great Wall and the Forbidden City tour left me deep impression. Hiking on Badaling, we enjoyed the scenery of huge wall stretches along mountains. Entering Forbidden City, we instantly went back to ancient times of China exploring the glorious life of the emperors. Perfect!

1 Day Private Tour: Badaling Great Wall & Summer Palace
★★★★☆Review written by : ShannonAdded : February 18 , 2013

Long tour but great way to see a lot in one day. Summer Palace was superb! A stunning and beauty royal garden in Beijing! There also had a big lake which still frozen when we visit it. Another site inside the garden was just memorable! Lots of resting place around and ancient building in each spots. Enjoyed the trip much!

1 Day Private Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square
★★★★★Review written by : ReubenAdded : February 17 , 2013

Just one day tour to Great Wall and Forbidden City, I fell in love with this rich city. As close as you can get to experience life in the ancient world of china, especially in the Schatzkammer of Forbidden City! It is a beautiful place and a really treasure.

Bus Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Underground Palace
★★★★☆Review written by : DrewAdded : February 16 , 2013

The Great Wall at Mutianyu is amazing, its dragon-like body, grand momentum and the beautiful views, even though it was covered by the white snow. I totally fall in love with this world wonder in Beijing.

3 Day Mutianyu & Jinshanling & Simatai Great Wall Tour Package (with hotel)
★★★★★Review written by : BellocAdded : February 16 , 2013

It was a pure trip in Beijing to visit three sections of the Great Wall, including the Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai. I like this tour very much, not only the original features of the Wall, but the service offered by the professional travel agency. Moreover, the tour guide is cute and knowledgeable.

1 Day Bus Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs
★★★★★Review written by : Luis TrenkerAdded : February 15 , 2013

It is the cheapest way to visit the symbol of Beijing, and it is the rare memorable experience in my life. Really surprise when we arrived the Great Wall at Badaling, it is said that this section is the highest section of the Great Wall. Even though it was cold winter, crowd still was the characteristic of the Great Wall. But you can understand why it is one of the world wonders when you get there. It is huge, it is amazing and it is wonderful! If you visit it without tour guide, the Great Wall Museum is a worth place to enjoy the vivid history and culture of Great Wall. Words cannot describe its spectacular, just experience personally!

Bus Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs
★★★★★Review written by : Niki LaudaAdded : February 15 , 2013

Great influence! Visiting the most beautiful section of the Great Wall and the famous cluster cemeteries in Beijing, I enjoyed the classic spots of Beijing in good arrangement by local travel agency. Especially the bus tour, it is an ideal chance to meet new friends during the tour to share the ideas about these interesting spots, and some of them had become my forever friends. So this bus tour in Beijing is not only the tourist way, but also gives the chance to exchange. Active like me, to join this kind of bus tour in Beijing!

2 Days Breathtaking Badaling, Juyongguan & Mutianyu Great Wall Tour
★★★★★Review written by : ColbertAdded : February 13 , 2013

The Great Wall tour in 2 days was absolutely perfect. The tour guide, Lily, is knowledgeable and informative, she explained us many stories hidden in history, and told us the reason and project building the Great Wall. We not only enjoyed the tour, but the service offered by the tour guide and the expert travel agency in Beijing.

1 Day Private Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall & Summer Palace
★★★★★Review written by : RobertAdded : February 12 , 2013

It was a great tour and gave insight on the history, sights and highlights of Beijing. Both attractions, Great Wall and Summer Palace were absolutely breathtaking! Very pleased to finally visit the famous Great Wall. Moreover, Summer Palace was more than my expectation. Stunning royal garden with huge lake. Such a great relaxing place!

Private Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Underground Palace
★★★★★Review written by : PricilliaAdded : February 10 , 2013

Great Wall was absolutely breathtaking! The view was amazing and the Wall was so long with little bit steep paths. Once we climbed the Wall, there has lot of locals and tourists who also looks very tired but keep climbed it! Everyone looks so energized and enthusiastic to climb as higher as they could. It was very challenging and unforgettable!

1 Day Private Tour: Badaling Great Wall & Summer Palace
★★★★★Review written by : DeliaAdded : February 05 , 2013

Very picturesque, the Summer Palace is a lovely place during the tours in Beijing. It has been well-restored and the richness of its history takes you back through the centuries of time. A great achievement in creating a lake and the building from nothing!

1 Day Private Tour: Badaling Great Wall & Summer Palace
★★★★★Review written by : MarciaAdded : February 02 , 2013

The tour was more than we expected before! Just an organized trip with outstanding tour guide! She was excellent in many ways, without her the tour would have been nothing. We had a great tour, and a great day. Saw many great attractions, such as Great Wall and Summer Palace. Some must visit places in Beijing! A great tour for gaining an overview of the sights of Beijing. Thanks!

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