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5 Tips for Beijing Nightlife

Beijing has a vibrant night life and offers plenty of options to choose from and things to do. Here are some useful tips for you to fully explore the interesting nightlife in Beijing.

Beijing Nightlife
Tip 1: Top Clubs to Go in Beijing
For those club hoppers, the full experience of the nightlife in Beijing is not to be missed! Clubs, Bars and karaoke can be found all over the city. Vics Club: offering two large dance floors with international house and hip hop available. The bartenders are very friendly and provide excellent services. This club has been open over ten years and is still hailed as one of the best nightclubs in Beijing. Bling: is a high-end club, opened merely a year and a half ago. The inside is completely decorated with seductive purple hues and diamonds.
For a night party experience in Beijing, these two clubs are well worth a stop-by.

Tip 2: Top Destination to Take in Night Sights in Beijing
Beijing Houhai or Beijing Shichhai is hailed as the most bustling nightlife area in Beijing. It is the best place to take in nightlife of Beijing. There are also plenty of clubs and bars worth exploring here. Take a boat ride in the Shichahai lake to take in the night views of Beijing and relax your mind…Shichahai Lake enjoys a high prestige in the heart of Beijing, with over 700 year old. Here also is a famous scenic area, offering countless historic sites, scenic beauty and remnants of old-style Beijing Hutongs and Courtyard. It is located near the city center and easy to access.

Tip 3: Rent a Bike to Explore Nightlife of Beijing
Nothing beats a ride on bike while visiting Beijing with a night out. It is easy to rent a bike for your night out in Beijing. There are many places in Beijing which are perfect for exploring the vibrant nightlife of Beijing. The Forbidden City and its surrounding areas are a good bet to get a quick look at the bustling nightlife of Beijing. Riding on a bike to explore nightlife of Beijing, you can explore at your own pace.

Tip 4: Where to Sample Gourmet Food at Night in Beijing
For most of the foodies, Chinese food is best sampled with a night out. There are many places offering incredible Chinese food in Beijing. Wangfujing or Longfusi and many other night markets are worth heading to for an essential dining experience in Beijing. You can also head to one of the many Hutong to find an old-style restaurant to sample gourmet Chinese cuisines.

Tip 5: Keep an Eye out on Your Personal Safety and Belongings
Though Beijing is a safe place to enjoy a night out, it is best to pay extra attention to your nightlife experience while visiting Beijing. There may still some theft or robbery lurching in the corners, especially for those visitors to Beijing. It is best to hang out to those most visited places while going out in Beijing. Be more careful when strangers come to you for help or something like that.

Overall, with these tips in mind, you will get an essential nightlife experience in Beijing.