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5 Tips for Visiting Hutong

A must-visit sight while visiting Beijing, Hutong is worth exploring, just like the Forbidden City. Here are some useful tips for you to fully explore the interesting Hutong in Beijing.

Tip 1: Hire a Tour Guide
It is kind of difficult to navigate around the crisscrossed Hutong for those first time visitors to Beijing. It is best to hire a tour guide who will arrange everything for your visit to Hutong, including a rickshaw ride as well as visits to traditional courtyards. You may also learn more about the stories and history behind the Hutongs, which will be more fun and an essential Chinese experience. With an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide by your side, you will not get lost while finding your way out of the Hutong. Meanwhile, you will save a lot of time on the road as some travel agencies offer transfers to visitors to Beijing.

Tip 2: Head to Those Famous Hutongs
It is believed there are thousands of Hutongs in Beijing. If you want to get an essential Hutong experience, you really should head to one of the many famous Hutong, like Nanluoguxiang or Yandai Xiejie. These Hutongs may be jam-packed with crowds, but that is part of the fun for a visit to Hutong in Beijing. Unlike those historic sites in the city of Beijing, these Hutongs are also best explored at night when a wide variety of bars, pubs, clubs as well as restaurants are open for business. At this time of the day, a night walk into one of the Hutongs in Beijing is a great way to enjoy night out while visiting Beijing.

Tip 3: Rent a Bike or Take a Rickshaw to Explore Hutong
For those who have visited Beijing before, you really should rent a bike to explore Hutong in Beijing. It will be more fun and you can get a chance to explore Hutong at your own pace. By the way you can spend the best part of the day hanging around one of the many Hutongs in Beijing without rush or anything.
If first time visit Hutong, choose rickshaw tour is a smart choice. Sitting on the rickshaw, leisurely tasting the local culture, you would find you have become a member of local residences. During your visiting, you could take some pictures with your favorite scenic spots, such as the mark of Hutong names, corners and the stones in front of courtyard gates, etc.

Tip 4: Lodge in a Local House for your Hutong Experience
There is nothing like a stay in local house for your Hutong experience. It is the best way to dig into the interesting lives of the Hutong residences and mingle with the local people to get a better sense of Hutong life styles. Moreover, staying in a local house can save you some trouble of handling the notorious traffic jam in Beijing. With only a relaxing walk, you may wander into a Hutong. What could be better than that for a Hutong experience?

Tip 5: Most sought-after Restaurants or Teahouses Hidden in Hutong
For most visitors to Beijing, there are plenty of flavorful restaurants and teahouses or theaters hidden in Hutong. Enjoying a meal or a night show as well as sipping some Chinese tea is an essential Chinese experience. Finding those restaurants and theaters which are hidden in Hutong will be a lot of fun too!

Overall, with these tips in mind, you will get an essential Hutong experience in Beijing.