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5 Tips for Visiting Jinshanling Great Wall

Nothing beats an adventurous hiking to the Great Wall at Jinshanling section. Here are some useful tips for you to fully explore the Great Wall at Jinshanling.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Tip 1: Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit Jinshanling Great Wall is during autumn days, when the fall foliage bursts out over the place. The colorful and beautiful fall foliage aside, Jinshanling offers the Great Wall which is much different than the other sections. With a visit to Jinshanling you will get a chance to see a large number of crumbling walls, rarely found at other sections of the wall. Together with the amazing fall foliage, the crumbling paths make for perfect hiking trails for outdoor lovers. The scenery is as amazing as it could be with the snaking and crumbling wall meanders its way upon rugged mountains.

Tip 2: Put Physical Safety on Top List of Priority
The Great Wall at Jinshanling section is built on the ridge of the mountains, and pretty much left to nature and abandoned. There are many parts of the wall crumbling all over the wilderness, making trekking along the paths very difficult for those first time visitors. So when you hike to Jinshanling, it is highly recommended to hire a local guide. If you still prefer to explore Jinshanling on your own, then you cannot be too careful while hiking along the wall. A sense of adventure is not enough for you to fully explore Jinshanling. You need be always aware of your physical safety.

Tip 3: Stay Overnight at a Local Courtyard
It is highly recommended to explore the Great Wall at Jinshanling with more than just a day. If you want to get an essential experience, it is best to stay for the night in order to fully explore Jinshanling. Moreover, you will get a chance to feel the farm life while stay overnight at the foot of the hill. By the way, the home made food will be a bonus while lodging at the farm house.

Tip 4: Better Rent a Car to Get to Jinshanling
If you are planning on a visit to Jinshanling with your family, then it is highly recommended to rent a car from the car rental companies or travel companies. Because the Great Wall at Jinshanling is located far away from Beijing city proper, it is safer and quicker to get to Jinshanling with a rented car and an experienced driver.

Tip 5: Do not Climb up the Beacon Tower
While you are visiting Jinshanling, it is not a good idea to try to climb up the watch tower as most of the towers are not in good condition. However, the crumbling remains of the towers make for perfect picture opportunities. Moreover, be careful when you get near the towers as it is not safe to stand near them. There will enough vantage points on the wall for you to take in the panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, so there is no need to risk your safety to climb up the towers.

Overall, with these tips in mind, you will have a lot of fun at Jinshanling section.