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5 Tips for Visiting Ming Tombs

Hailed as one of the most popular tourist destinations of Beijing tour, the Ming Tombs is a must-see site. Here are some useful tips for you to fully explore the mysterious Ming Tombs.

Ming Tombs
Tip 1: Better Not to Take Pictures while Tour in Ming Tombs
In Ming Tombs it is best not to take pictures because there are plenty of legends revolving around the tombs. One of the legends says while you are entering the area which represents the living world and dead world, it is best to walk by the sideways and do not enter through the middle door. If you enter by the middle door then you must shake the body and legs after exiting, the meaning is shake off anything like the dirt and dust and not to take away anything from the grave. It is a little scary, but superstition is superstition. There is a need to be aware that don't step on the threshold while entering the tomb, legend has it that if you step on the threshold it is actually the emperor's neck you may step on.

Tip 2: No Smoking Allowed in Ming Tombs
The tombs are designated as non-smoking area, no fire is allowed. It is strictly prohibited to carve in the trees, places of historic interest and other public facilities. It is strictly prohibited to climb wall, fence, or tower building. The visitor center offers the following services: 1. advisory services; 2. equipment rental: wheelchair, crutch, stretcher, baby stroller, baby, toys, umbrella; 3. free services: information dissemination, a needle and thread, cold and hot water drinking, lost and found; 4. business services: telephone, fax, non prescription drugs (paid).

Tip 3: Introduction to Ming Tombs
Ming Tombs site is Chinese emperor of the Ming Dynasty tomb group, located in Beijing, in the northwest of Changping District at the foothill of the Yanshan Mountain. Here since the seventh year of Yongle reign (1409) when the Changling was built till the Ming Dynasty emperor Chongzhen was finally buried in the Siling. Over 230 years, there are thirteen emperors buries in the enormous mausoleum, including seven princess tombs, a tomb of eunuch. The tombs are home to a total of thirteen emperors, twenty-three empresses, two princes, dozen concubines, two eunuchs.

Tip 4: Do not Run around or Shout Out Loud while Visit Ming Tombs
The tombs are home to a bunch of dead people, so it is kind of filled with a feeling of profound history and mysterious legends. While touring the tombs, you really should pay some respect to the dead emperors who were buried for hundreds of years. If you are with kids, it is best not to go in the tombs in case the spooky atmosphere may scare them or they may run around or get out of your control.

Tip 5: Tickets and Traffic
Tickets: 45 yuan for visit of Dingling during peak season, 20 yuan for visitors with elderly card (it must be Beijing elderly card, the outlandish visitors are invalid), 20 yuan low season for visit of Dingling.
Traffic: take bus 314 (Dongguan Changping - Chang Ling) in Changping west station, through 5 stations, 6.617 kilometers trip and get off at Changping Hu Zhuang station, lastly arrive at the Ming Tombs.
Overall, with these tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant trip to Ming Tombs.