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5 Tips for Visiting Summer Palace

To make your visit to Summer Palace an essential Chinese experience, there are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Summer Palace
Tip 1: Keep Your Little Ones Close
If you are planning on a day trip to the Summer Palace with kids, you really should keep an eye on them. Kids are kids. They are active and curious all the time, especially when they are in a place full of interesting sights. More importantly, from time to time, you may get distracted by the views in the garden and lose sight of your kids. So it is best to keep your little ones close by the whole time. If they get bored while wandering around the ground, you can always bribe them with something on offer in the garden.

Tip 2: Bring a Map of the Garden with You
If you are planning on a visit to the Summer Palace on your own, you had better bring a map of the garden along with you. The garden is huge and filled with corridors, stone paved paths as well as palaces and halls. So with a map of the garden, you will not get lost in the ground and have a clue which way to go. Even if you are with a group tour and a tour guide, it is still worth it to bring a map along with you, as you have to share the tour guide with others. When you are following what the tour guide is saying, you still can explore the garden with a clue of where you are headed.

Tip 3: Ideal Travel Routes
Right tour route in Summer Palace is important, especially for the first time visitors. Grasping the idea route, you could not only save time but enjoy a lot! Different starting gate will arouse different journey and palaces. If you start your journey from the North Palace Gate, you will through the Suzhou Street, Marble Boat, Long Gallery, Hall of Dispelling Clouds, Tower of Buddhist Incense, Hall of Joyful Longevity, Garden of Virtue and Harmony, Wenchang Hall, Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, Last is the East Palace Gate.

Tip 4: Bring Some Stuff before Getting Inside
You really should bring some necessary stuff with you before you make your way into the garden, like a bottle of water, sunglasses, a handbag, a plastic bag and the like. Those things sold in the garden may cost you more than it is worth. And some are not available to find while visiting the garden.

Tip 5: Other Details Worth Noting
If you want to do some serious sightseeing in the Summer Palace, you had better do some homework by learning more about tourist attractions online. The best time to visit the Summer Palace is during a sunny day, when you can see the clouds, feel the breeze and witness the waves. Standing on the Foxiang Tower, you will get a chance to see a sweeping view of the city of Beijing. For long time walk around the garden, wear a pair of walking shoes. There are boats available by Kunming Lake for cruise. There are electronic service machines for rent by the entrance, 10 yuan/person.

Follow the tips above, a successful and terrific Summer Palace tour is just around the corner!