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5 Tips for Visiting Temple of Heaven

If you are planning on a visit to Temple of Heaven, here are some tips worth noting before you make your way to the park:

Temple of Heaven
Tip 1: Best Time to Visit
Like any other places of interest in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven is best explored during spring and autumn days, when it is cool and the weather is pleasant. To pay a visit to the park at this time of year, the park has a wide variety of activities as well as scenery to offer its visitors. In addition, it is best not to visit the park during Chinese holidays when it is packed with Chinese tourists. It is better to choose to visit the park during a weekend. By the way, whenever you are ready for a visit to the park, you better get there as early as possible, so you will avoid a long line and get inside before the other visitors do.

Tip 2: Bring a Map of the Park
It is said that the Temple of Heaven is even larger than the Forbidden City, making it easy to get lost if you visit the park on your own. So it is highly recommended to bring a map of the park along the whole time you are in the park. Moreover, with a map of the park at hand, you will get a clue at where all of the highlights are located and where to go to find them. Better yet, rent a electronic device at the entrance, together with the map, you will get an in-depth experience in Temple of Heaven.

Tip 3: Seize the Treasure Section
In Temple of Heaven, besides the major palaces, one section will be a must visit! It is the Cypress Grove. It always leaves tourists the impression as a huge park and a huge garden. You should better have an overlook at these old cypress trees. Most attractive is that some of them have reached 600 years old. Wandering along the road, tranquil environment, charming scenery will be the most perfect section. This time, you would feel you have mixed into this garden tracing back to the ancient times.

Tip 4: Be Careful with the Searing Sun
While you are planning on a visit to the Temple of Heaven during summer days, you really should pay more attention to the sun. You just would not want to get sunburned simply because you did not wear sunglasses, water or the sun-block lotion. Though the park makes for a perfect retreat during summer days to get away from the blazing heat, the whole park is landscaped mainly with grass, not trees, making it lack of abundant shades for visitors to shelter.

Tip 5: Learn some Taiji Moves
If you are a big fan of Chinese Kung Fu - Taiji, then you really should get to the park early when there are a bunch of local seniors will practice their morning Taiji in the park. You are welcome to join them to learn some moves yourself or just stand by and watch them as long as you want. Taiji is a great way to keep your body in a good shape. It is also an essential Chinese experience and lots of fun!

Overall, with these tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant tour of the Temple of Heaven.