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5 Tips for Visiting Tiananmen Square

To make your visit to Tiananmen Square a pleasant experience, there are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Tiananmen Square
Tip 1: Useful Information about Flag-raising Ceremony
Tiananmen Square closes at night. The square opens 40 minutes before the morning flag raising ceremony. Visitors can wait in front of the square near the flag raising stand. Before the start of flag raising ceremony, Tiananmen police will make arrangements to maintain order in the entrance, by keeping the visitors in line for the ceremony at the National Museum and the Great Hall of the people. Before the ceremony starts, the masses will be escorted by several polices to the square. At the same time, the police on duty will stop vehicles, to ensure visitors enter the square safe and sound. The masses are arranged in line, the elderly and children will be arranged to see the ceremony in the front row, and there are 9 entrances opened to visitors. At night, all entrances close.

Tip 2: Prohibited Items Check
To get into the Tiananmen Square, you really should check your belongings first before you go through the entrance for security check. There are a wide variety of items considered dangerous or forbidden to be carried inside the square. Prohibited goods includes: explosive, toxic, radioactive and other hazardous substances, guns, ammunition, daggers and other threatening wares, drugs, pornography and other prohibited items, as well as other items that affect social order and public security. If you find something in your handbag does not seem okay to be carried into the square, you better deposit it somewhere else before you get inside the square.

Tip 3: Behave Yourself
When you get into the Tiananmen Square, there are also some certain things you should really pay attention to. The square has long been deemed as an icon of China, so it has irreplaceable significance in the eyes of Chinese people. As you walk around the square for sightseeing, do not try to say something provocative or blasphemous out loud. Most importantly, do not do something in a rush, like running around, acting exaggeratingly or making any attempt to trespass when you linger on the square. It is seen as inappropriate to do something weird in the square. The square is a sacred place for the Chinese people, so try your best to show some respect when you visit the square.

Tip 4: Safety and Theft
As you visit the Tiananmen Square, you should really pay more attention to your personal safety and your belongings, like cell phone, purse and handbag and the like. The square is packed with crowds all day long, making a visit there at a higher risk of being stolen or getting hurt when some emergency occurs. Best of all, keep a low profile while visiting the square and do not show off that you are filthy rich or something. Or else you may become the target of a theft or robbery. Moreover, the Chinese masses hold little respect for the rich who try to show off their wealth in public. You would not want to make some enemies while traveling in a strange country.

Tip 5: Other Details Worth Note
While visiting Tiananmen Square, especially during summer days, prepare yourself well before heading to the square if you do not want to get sun burnt or something like that. The weather in Beijing varies on an ever changing basis, even within a day. To navigate the square, you better carry a city map with you in case you may get lost or anything. By the way if you want to save some money for water or other items, buy them before you get in the square. Moreover, to get in and out the square, you can take a bus or metro; if you prefer a cab ride, it is also easy to find one, but do not get in a illegal cab-like vehicle or you may pay a higher price for your ride.

Above just some useful tips for your travel to Tiananmen Square, hope you have a fun trip!