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Flaming Mountain

As one of the hottest places on earth, Flaming Mountain has always been a famous tourist attraction, with its harsh yet unique natural conditions, as well as abundant cultural heritage. Flaming Mountain is largely made up of bare rock.The Flaming Mountain

Located on the northern edge of the Turpan Basin, Flaming Mountain runs 10 kilometers east of Turpan city, stretching up to 100 kilometers from east to west and about 10 kilometers from south to north. The mountain begins at Liusha River in Shanshan County in the east and ends in Peach Valley in the west. The mountain's average altitude is about 500 meters, with the highest peak, Shengjinkou, towering 831 meters above sea level.

In summer, Flaming Mountain gets so hot that you can "hard boil" an egg by burying it in the sand for just a few minutes. With strong direct radiation from the sun, the highest temperature can reach 47.8 degrees Celsius and the earth's surface temperature can top 70 degrees. The surface of these disiccated mountains have been whipped into the shape of flames by howling desert winds. Under the relentless heat of the midday sun and seen from a distance, dozens of the red rock hills look like flaming fireballs under the blazing sun - hence its name, Flaming Mountain.  

At midday during summer time, Flaming Mountain looks like a huge flying red dragon setting off fires in the fiery sun. Not a single blade of grass grows on the hills of Flaming Mountain and there are no traces of birds or animals there. When the July sun heats the bare rocks, the blazing air current rolls up like burning flames.

Legend about Flaming Mountain

According to the Uigur legend, a vicious dragon lived in deep Tianshan Mountain and ate small kids. A Uigur hero fought gallantly against the dragon for three days and three nights, finally he cut the dragon into eight parts. The remains of the dragon turned to a scarlet mountain colored by its blood. The eight scars turned into the eight valleys in the Flaming Mountain, including the famous Grape Valley.

However, its natural allure is not merely characterized by heat. Behind the sterile rock mountains, there are many hidden valleys shaped by diastrophism millions of years ago. The natural conditions of these valleys, which abound with various plants and trees, are quite different. The most famous ones include Grape Valley, Peach Valley, Wood Valley and Shengjinkou Valley. Among them, Grape Valley is best known for producing the best grapes in the country. These "green islands" add extra glamour and diversity to the deserted Flaming Mountain.


Flaming Mountain Tour

Flaming Mountain is made famous by the famed Chinese novel Journey to the West, when the Tang monk Xuanzang and his three adherents reached this place, fires raged for hundreds of miles. One of his followers, the Monkey King extinguished the fire with a magical palm fan from Iron Fan Princess.