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South Pasture

It is a vast natural area with fascinating scenery. Located in the suburb of Urumqi lies the Southern Pastures, a beautiful pasture where the pastoral Kazakh inhabited and grazed in summer. The pasture is a fertile place with charming mountains around. Among the mountains, White Willow Ditch is a unique, graceful peak standing side by side with snow on tops all year round.

Springs flowing in the deep valleys, horses running on the green field and you can see livestock scatters here and there. Here is a natural pasture. Besides the animal husbandry, Southern Pastures also has great many tourist attractions. Here you can ride on horse or camel running through the valleys, walk across the woods picking mushrooms and enjoy the magical wild flowers, and climb up the mountains. A panorama views everywhere can also be enjoyed.

The below White Willow Ditch is very cool with dense woods  on Southern Pastures. There are 40 meters high and 2 meters wide waterfall flows from the top of the mountain, this fall makes a great deal of fog. Being a tourist, you may be interested in this view: when the sun were above the fall it creates a rainbow.The South Pasture

Climbing up the east White Willow Ditch, you will find a great peak standing ahead, this is the highest peak of Southern Pastures: Shengli Daba or called "a glacier kingdom". Running across the snowy glacier is like a trip in a crystal palace.

Going up along the Gan Ditch on South Pasture, one will arrive at Chrysanthemum terrace, an endless terrace that is with a great many unknowns flower and grass whose wonderful smell attracts groups of butterflies and bees. The plants and the insects make the terrace look like a giant outdoor garden. This is a complex of natural pasture and giant outdoor garden. Strolling here, one will feel like going into a heavenly scenic where they can forget all the annoying things of daily life.


South Pasture Tour

With the charming and exciting scenery, South Pasture is realy a great place to spend the summer holidays for escaping the heat as well.

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