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Heavenly Tour Peak

Heavenly Tour Peak lies at the center of Wuyi scenic area. It is about 700 meters above sea level. There are stone steps leading to the summit of the mountain. Standing on the peak, oneHeavenly Tour Peak can see the peaks over peaks with beautiful views below, stretching to a misty distance. As well, standing on the peak, you can see groups of clouds floating by creating a feeling that you are in heaven, hence the name of the peak.

On Heavenly Tour Peak, there is Huma Stream that runs straightly from the top of the mountain to the earth just looking like a white sheet called "Snow Spring". This is a wonder of the mountain. The peak is an important position to view and admire nine mountains and rivers panorama.


Heavenly Tour Peak Tour

The main highlights in Heavenly Tour Peak includes the Ruins of the Royal Tea Site(Yuchayuan Yizhi), Peak Hidden Screen(Yinpingfeng), Moon Enjoying Pavilion(Shuangyueting) and others. So during Heavenly Tour Peak Tour, every visitor will have a happy time.