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Shuzhuang Garden

View of ShuzhuangSituated on the south of Gulangyu Island, Shuzhuang Garden lies between ocean and cliff just looking like a sandwich. The garden was designed according to the scene of Banqiao private villa in Yangtze Delta. It was first built in 1931 and belonged to a businessman from Taiwan. But in 1950s, it was opened to the public and became a attraction in Xiamen.

It produced huge space through using a plot of slopes and taking in all the spots that can be got in the garden. Shuzhuang Garden is divided into two parts: the Garden of Hiding the Sea (Canghaiyuan) and the garden of Making-Up Hills (Bushanyuan). Totally there are 10 scenes in the garden with each part having five. The Longevity Hall, Zhenshuai Pavilion, Autumn Pavilion, Zhaoling Pavilion and Forty-four Bridge belongs to the Garden of Hiding the Sea. while the Twelve-cave Paradise, Hard Stone House, Tide-Viewing Tower, Love My Own House and Little Orchid Pavilion locates in the Garden of Making-Up Hills.

All the scenes in Shuzhuang Garden share three common significant characteristics namely hiding elements, borrowing from the around and combing movements. Besides, the wave-listening pavilion has been turned into a "piano museum" where show 30 famous ancient pianos collected by Hu Youyi(come from Gulangyu and live in Australia now) for a lifetime.


Shuzhuang Garden Tour

Now, Shuzhuang Garden has been equipped with new facilities and its area has been expanded. So in recent years it has become a popular tourist destination in Xiamen.

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