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Sunlight Rock

Sunset view in Sunlight RockSunlight Rock also known as Dragon Head Hill with a height of 92.68 meters above sea level is the highest point of Gulangyu Islet. A bird view of the entire island can be got from this advantage point. If luck permits, a glimpse of the total Jinmen island of Taiwan can be caught. 

Perched on the top of Sunlight Rock is a huge stone with a diameter of more than 40 meters. It is where Zheng Chenggong(Koxinga) stationed his troops before he recovered Taiwan from Dutch occupation. The relics of Zheng's marine Command Platform and Ancient Fort Gate can still be seen today.

Locating on Sunlight Rock is a Sunlight Rock Temple which is one of the four top Buddhist temples in Xiamen. The temple was built in the Ming Dynasty attracting accomplished monks from that time on.

At the foot of Sunlight Rock stands the Koxinga Memorial Hall in honor of the great patriotic general who fought and beat the Dutch colonialists on Taiwan. Displayed in the museum are various relics of him, including his jade belt and part of his imperial robe.


Sunlight Rock Tour

Although not very famous, Sunlight Rock enjoys a very unique scenery. During the trip to Xiamen, if time allows, just pay a visit to this attraction from where you will get a different feeling.

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