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Dumplings Banquet

Dumplings BanquetThe world renowned dumpling banquet in Xian can be dated back to Tang Dynasty (618-907) and hailed as one of the oldest Chinese traditional dumplings. The ingredients of the banquet range from meat, vegetables to seafood and the like and the dumplings are served in different shapes and sizes - very marvelous to the eyes. Various dumplings will be served on the table, hence the name.

Dumpling Banquet boasts as the most traditional food in Xian, hailed as one of the most prestigious local offering Xian has to offer when it comes to dining options, which is mainly made from a wide variety of ingredients, including meat and vegetables. The dumplings are the most popular and a must-eat food during the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and other folk Chinese festivals. Dumpling is a kind of food that favored by northerners. It tastes perfectly with spices, sour and garlic, all depending on your personal interest.

Dumpling Banquet was created by the Xian Dumpling Restaurant and Defachang Dumpling Restaurant based on the traditional cooking style of dumplings. Every single dumpling has different taste. It is said that there are 100 general kinds of fillings, according to the number of diners, if there are seven people at a table, only seven dumplings are served in a plate, after the first course of dumplings, the second course will be served with different fillings. The dumplings are shaped like dragons, butterflies and other 24 kinds of patterns, making the banquet very marvelous to the eyes. The traditional fillings of the dumplings aside, the seafood fillings are increasingly favored by the foodies around the country. Overall, the dumpling banquet can be found all over the city of Xian.