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GuokuiGuokui is a traditional pasta snack that enjoys a high prestige in Xian. It was used as some sort of gift to celebrate one-month-old grandson from the grandma. Later the snack has become a popular local food. Guokui is round-shaped, 1.3 inches thick and 2.5 kilos in weight with some patterns on it. It tastes crisp just like fries and can last for a long time without going bad. Indeed, Guokui is a must-try snack for those foodies who want to sample some exotic food while traveling internationally.

Shaanxi Guo Kui, also known as Ganmo, is a favorite food of urban and rural residents in Shaanxi province as a traditional flavorful pasta snack. It is baked from fine wheat flour, with simmer fire on shallow pan, dotted with yellow spots, white sand incision, crisp taste, lasting and portable. Someone says Guokui looks like a helmet, just as its name implies, hence the name. Guokui features fine craftsmanship, known for its "dry, crisp, white, fragrant". Very chewy inside and crisp outside, it boasts a mellow taste.

Guokui enjoys a high prestige in Shanxi as the folk snacks. Ruzhou Guo Kui is the most popular pasta in Xian, and there are a large number of street stalls selling Guokui. Ruzhou Guokui is added with pig-head meat, making it very popular as a local snack delicacy: pig-head meat is cut into large chunks, and put into Guokui, with hot and sweet meat flavor contrasting to the extreme, and fat texture - essence has been absorbed into the tasty Guokui. Guokui is best sampled with some green Soybean Milk sold by noodle stalls, you really should try a bowl of bean milk, and put the beans, celery, leek flower, some chili oil, then eat them together!