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Hu Lu Tou

Hu Lu TouHu Lu Tou is a popular local delicacy in Xian. It may look like the pita bread soaked in beef and lamp soup but they are far from each other. The main ingredient to make Hu Lu Tou is not mutton but chitterlings. The large intestines should be washed clean before mixing with soup and the seasoning. Hulutou is very good for health and tastes good!

Hu Lu Tou can be dated back to the Northern Song Dynasty as a popular "street food". Because the pig intestine is used as the main ingredient, shaped like a gourd, hence the name. In modern days, there are plenty of other ingredients used to make Hulutou, like dried seafood, and there are some changes too for those Hulutou made from pork, like the addition of the bones and chicken in the soup, making the soup taste more mellow.

To cook the Hulutou, the fresh sausage is needed, and undergoes multiple processing procedures, and appropriate physical treatment. First to smooth out the intestinal wall attached with liquid, remove dirt, and greasy smell, make intestines bright white, then boiled. Experienced foodies believe that the essence of Hulutou is not the meat but the soup, and to make the best Hulutou, the soup is the key. Wash the fresh pig bone and smash it, put into the pot to stew, then skim floating foam, put in chicken and pork, add salt, seasoning packets, continue to boil with small fire till the soup turns white like milk. Hulutou not only tastes yummy but also is very good for health. And it has become a favorite snack with local foodies.