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Qin Zhen Liangpi

Qin Zhen LiangpiQin Zhen Liangpi enjoys a history of more than 2000 years. It is believed that liangpi used to be a popular food during the reign of Emperor Qin (221BC-210BC). Qin Town Liangpi has arguably been regarded as the origin of liangpi across China. The food is mainly made from wheat or rice flour, mixed with some green vegetables, bean sprouts, seasoning and most importantly, capsicol. Liangpi boasts a long-lasting and refreshing aftertaste.

Qingzhen Liangpi is made from a local produce called Shanmi, cooking process involving soaking rice, grinding and steaming. In front of the customers, the cook cut the whole piece of rice into thin strips with a heavy broadsword, added with special chili oil, vinegar and salt, diced celery and bean sprouts, shredded cucumber and other dishes. Refreshing and delicious Qin Zhen Liangpi will be served on the table for customers. For a long time, Qin Zhen Liangpi has been hailed as the three famous pastas in Guanzhong. Qin Zhen is located in Qin Du Zhen, Xian, used to be capital city of the Western Zhou Dynasty, featuring mild climate, fertile soil, rich in high-quality rice. Locally produced wheat is grinded into rice flour - famous for its color, thinness, softness and flexibility. The reason why Qin Zhen Liangpi is so famous mainly lies in the exquisite making of chili oil - with well selected pepper mixed with the fine oil, added some pepper, anise, with small fire, repeatedly boiled - the hotter, the more fragrant the spice gets. Qin town offers Liangpi that others do not have, so it tastes better than others. Qin Zhen Liangpi is slightly harder, more suitable for some young people, middle-aged people. In Xian, it can be found at every bend of the city.