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Specialty of Xian - Rou Jia Mo

Xian RoujiamoRou Jia Mo is hailed as one of the most flavorful specialties Xian has to offer. Rou jia mo is kind of like hamburger - with meat sandwiched between two slices of buns. Roujiamo originates in Xian and enjoys a history of 2000 years, made of Lazhi meat and Baiji buns. Rou jia mo also enjoys a high prestige in China and Chinese foodies.

As a famous specialty food in Xian, Rou jia mo can be dated back to the Warring States (475BC-221BC), when it was called han rou. In Xian, the meat which is used to make the Rou jia mo is locally called Lazhi meat, made of braising pork with soy sauce, softer than the usual one. The other essential part of Rou jia mo is locally called bai ji buns. Cooking the Rou jia mo involves putting the cured meat into the just baked bai ji mo, and in this way, a delicious rou jia mo is made. Take a bite of Rou jia mo and you will feel the buns very savory and the meat soft. Not only is it rich in protein, with the meat fat but not greasy.

The shops or stalls selling Rou jia mo open at the break of dawn in Xian. The food is all made on site and it is said that the Baiji buns should be baked before the meat is done in order to preserve the texture of the Baiji buns and the taste of Rou jia mo. The Rou jia mo is best enjoyed when it is hot, when the texture, taste and flavor are the perfect match. With just a good bite of Rou jia mo, you will be overwhelmed by its lasting aftertaste. Rou Jia mo is really worth a bite while visiting Xian.