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Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square

Big Wild Goose Pagoda North SquareXian Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square is a large-scale musical fountain Plaza, 218 meters wide and 346 meters long from north to south, China's and Asia's largest fountain plaza. The fountain costs capital investment of about 500,000,000 Yuan incomparable in the country. The eight-layer stacked pool boasts the world's largest frequency matrix.

This fountain was designed to create 22 the frequency matrixes. The frequency matrix can change into plenty of patterns of water, like the vast sea of clouds, gull wing, flowers, fogs and 60 meters high water column - all feature new type technology in China. The large water screen laser is 60 meters wide, 4 meters high flame-burning springs is jetted 6 meters high and burst open at low-temperature combustion, adding more charms to the fountain. The fountain is equipped with high fidelity long-range professional audio system, including sound, light, the fountain water, organic blend of color. The waterscape fountain is divided into three parts, centering around the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, with the central water channel as the main sight, on both sides decorated with the "poetry of the Tang Dynasty garden area".

At the southern end of the square sits a viewing platform, with other tourism facilities around. The music fountain in the square is arranged on the axis, the north-south length of 350 meters, the width 110 meters, divided into 100 meters waterfall pool, eight-layer stacked pool and front-end music pool. The water show changes with a fast pace, the lights shine more colorful at night. There are also many detailed small landscapes around the fountain, such as at the entrance of the North Plaza sits the Tang Dynasty bronze statues, Wanfo lighthouse and Datang culture columns, next to the Datang elite sculpture group, and the ground pavement landscape reliefs.