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Defu Lane

Xian Defu LaneJust same as Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street, Defu Lane is rented as the heart of Xian nightlife. It is a very popular place for the night owls. Located in the ancient capital city of Xian, it greeted unique history tastes and modern colors. Measuring about 272 meters long, Defu Lane has a bend in the middle part. In the earliest times, it is a narrow and unknown place in the public. As the combination of ancient oriental culture and modern western styles, it housed many tea-houses and western style bars with interesting and romantic names. In the modern days, especially in the young tourists, it is regarded as the most exotic and exciting place. Roaming in this lane, you would find some buildings are all pseudo-classic style in pavilion shape, standing only two to three stories high with beautiful and unique doors and windows.

During the night time, hundreds of neon and twinkling lights bring everything to life. This time, you could choose one bar to enter, sipping a cup of tea, fully enjoying the tranquil surrounds, seeing the outside passerby, mixing into the dazzling. If you are very interested in tasting tea, the Fubaoge Tea-house will be a terrific place. As the first-ranking tea house in Xian, this teahouse shows a five-story classic building. Standing in the outside, it is full of poetic and tranquility. However, after entering into, you would be shocked by the distinctive Chinese style building, simple and vigorous!

Essence Xian nightlife is easy to get only need your special attention! In Defu Lane you could sprinkle your youth and vigorous holiday.