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Muslim Quarter

Muslim QuarterMuslim Quarter of Xian is known as a famous food street, teeming with foreign tourists, and local residents flood here to eat snacks, shopping and leisure, especially in the summer night. Lots of locals come down the street to cool down and spend some leisurely time in there. In fact, the food street is jam-packed with Muslim restaurants, halal restaurants and stalls offering all kinds of street foods, including some of the most prestigious time-honored shops.

The Hui concentration area not only covers a vast ground including Beiyuan Gate, Daxuexi Lane, Xiyangshi, but also includes a wide area, like Dapiyuan, Dongyangshi, Beiguangji Street and Qiaozikou. Old Xian residences used to call the area Shangfang, where can find the most civilians living in the area. But the last places can only be found walking from the street to the depths and go farther, not easy to find, relatively few foreign tourists there.

When night falls, Muslim Quarter comes alive with the different exciting scenes, oozing the atmosphere created by the hanging lamps and lights, throughout the various stalls on both sides of the street, mainly selling cakes, dried fruits, candied fruit and other snacks. Behind the stalls stand many local snack restaurants, always packed with foodies, even the front of the shop will be filled with tables and chairs. The smoke and steam waft in the street filling the whole street with streams of people busily coming and going, walking, eating or bargaining. Everything is full of real busy life scenes.