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Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater

Shaanxi Song & Dance TheaterLet us go to the Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater tonight! This sentence is very familiar among the tourists in Xian. The Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater pointed to a large scale restaurant where there are not only professional Tang Dynasty performances but also taste of the traditional Chinese food.

Glorious Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater
After visiting the representative buildings of Xian in the daytime, tourists would run to the Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater to experiencing the colorful nightlife. Built in the year of 1998, this theater is rented as a large scale comprehensive theater restaurant. For the tourists who both interest in the Tang Dynasty performance and the Chinese tradition food, here is a terrific place. Every day, there will be professional performers performing on the spectacular stage. Audiences here are crowded and exciting. For a large scale area, it could hold about 700 customers. With excellent service and terrific enjoyment, most of the foreigners always choose here as the main place to enjoy Tang Dynasty culture and Xian ancient history.

Marvelous Performances in Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater
With long years proving, this theater has been rented as a professional performing team, loads of programs, operas, dance drams, vocal and instrumental music works are all showed here. The most popular is the Tang Dynasty music and dance performance. From it, tourists could not only see the colorful performance but also the essence of Chinese traditional culture and art. As the national art in the world, Tang Dynasty Show is facing improvement and big progress. Sitting together with your friends, enjoying the special Chinese traditional food, watching such fabulous performance, unexpected satisfactory would take you to the time of Tang Dynasty. You are just the king.

Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater is just the ideal place to experience meaningful nightlife in Xian!