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Shuyuanmen Walking Street

Shuyuanmen Walking StreetShuyuanmen Walking Street has gone through four hundred or five hundred years of ups and downs, with lots of houses disrepaired. The street looks kind of grey, giving a dilapidated scene. At the beginning of 1990, Xian city government, through a series of planning and design, turned the street over to transform it into a commercial street featuring traditional architectural style from the Ming and Qing dynasties. With a visit to the street, you can easily see, the shops are nothing like those in southern China, delicate and beautiful, and they are also different from those housed in Beijing Dashilan. The shops are kind of simple and honest, with its facade simply decorated, deep into the long and narrow lane, all very mysterious.

Entering from the South Street into Shuyuanmen Walking Street, it suddenly seemed quiet down. On both sides of the road, behind the tall tree, red paint lattice door is half opened, with plenty of big and small brushes hanging from the eaves. The cultural street spreads out to about 570 meters long, on both sides of the street, row upon row of steles, couplets, celebrity calligraphy and paintings, seals are displayed. There are over a hundred shops lining the street, selling a wide variety of old stuff, like antiques, paintings, and other artworks.

Shuyuanmen has long been a famous ancient culture street in Xian. A large number of artists gather on the street, holding various exhibitions for dozens of times each year. The business is very prosperous, so more and more people come here to do business, and gradually the street is formed, in ancient times, it was a favorite haunt for artists, scholars and men of letter. Overall, Shuyuanmen Walking Street makes for a perfect night-out destination to kick back in the city!