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Tang Sleepless City

Datang Sleepless CityDatang Sleepless City sits at the foot of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the scenic area is large, with the culture of Tang Dynasty as background. The most impressive sight you should pay attention to here is monuments and sites. Of course, it looks best at night, the central sculpture landscape pedestrian street is well worth a visit, which is said to be 1500 meters long.

There will be many performances on offer in Datang Sleepless City at night, including the Tang Dynasty etiquette, dance and so on, and the water curtain movie is also very good, well worth a visit. Here is a fusion of entertainment and leisure, shopping and food all rolled in one place. The spot sits next to Xuan Zang square, Zhenguan Cultural Square, Kaiyuan Square, and Xian Music Hall, Xian Theatre, Qujiang Film City, Shaanxi Artist Gallery and other cultural landmarks. It really has everything that one expects to find. Visit to Xian without going out to Datang Sleepless City at night would be a pity, where you can sample a variety of food. Wandering down the area feels like traveling back to the Tang Dynasty, definitely an transporting experience and a fun night-out pastime.

After watching the fantastic fountain show you can walk straight to the sleepless city. Datang Sleepless City central landscape is a 1500 meters sculpture across the north and south of the central pedestrian street, displaying the Tang emperors, historical figures, hero of the story, the classic works of art and other nine groups of theme sculptures. The main statue group stretches 36 meters long from north to south, 18 meters wide, the highest one 17.95 meters high, with a total weight of about 8 to 10 tons. With a night out to the area, you will enjoy a lifetime Chinese experience!