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Xian Wanda Plaza (Daming Palace)

Just hearing the name, everyone would record the ancient history for the Daming Palace. It is just the name of the shopping center - Wanda Plaza.

Typical Overview of Daming Palace Wanda Plaza
Xian Wanda Plaza (Daming Palace)Compared with other shopping centers, Wanda Plaza is located in the original site of historical Daming Palace. By the large scale area covering 650,000 square meters, complete products and experienced device, this plaza gained the high fame in the commercial area. Daming Palace Wanda Plaza is composed by large scale business center, city Pedestrian Street, A class office building, high-class apartment, city villa combining shopping, dining, culture and entertainment forming unexpected commercial area. It mixed into this old capital, attracted many top-famous brands changing into a new consuming layout. With about 24 years' running experience, it promoted the life quality of the locals and tourists coming here. At the same time, it promoted the economy developing of surroundings.

Recent Development of Wanda Plaza
With the constantly development, Daming Palace Wanda Plaza holds large scale promotion activities. The world-famous brands, H&M、UNIQLO、GUESS、Calvin Klein、TISSOT all signed contrast with it. Besides itself, the surroundings are also the amazing treasures, just like the Fountain Plaza, Activity Center and the Historical Relics all add more deep prosperity to it. Consumers coming here could not only search the modern tastes but also the historical prints. With advanced location and delicate designing concepts, it is doing its best to satisfy the desire of each consumer.

No matter the dazzling appearance, inner arrangements and service concept, Daming Palace Wanda Plaza is always the most appropriate place for shopping and entertaining!