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Xian PARKSONRelating the name of PARKSON, everyone would get very familiar with it. Yes, it is a large scale chain shopping center distributing in the major city of China. However, the PARKSON in Xian has gained unexpected achievement recent years. Why is it so fabulous? How spectacular it is now?

Special Running Concept
Why it is so popular from establishment to now? Built in the year of 1998, PARKSON faced numerous painstaking and exercises. It is not located in the golden commercial districts, but received much recognition conquering all the tourists coming here for various promotional gimmick, big discount and colorful commodities, etc. Every day, there will be thousands of customers running here for consuming and entertaining. So, it aroused this influence that the birth of PARKSON destroyed the old business style of Xian. Because its appearance promoted the local economy reached unexpected high position, this shopping center received high praise of local government. It adopted the most sincere theme of everything is for the consumers.

Amazing Inner Glory
Covering an area of about 19,000 square meters, it is designed with delicate and wonderful ideas to create cozy environment and good effect. From certain aspect, it promoted the shopping interests and tastes of the customers. Once entered into this shopping center with the soft music, what impressed the consumers first will be the graceful decoration and the harmonious cosmetic stores. There are many contemporary star pictures hanging inspire your special interests. Various cosmetics, clothes and other commodities coming from other countries would be next lure. Recent years, some new knitting stores are established in the north area. Luxurious foreign brands for the young girls would impress every male consumer with sexy appearance.

Various food markets and supermarkets provided for the consumers are greeted by money-saving price!