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Xian Zhonghuan Plaza

To be rented as the star in Xian shopping area, Xian Zhonghuan Plaza has received much success. No matter in which field, this plaza could conquer all the tourists with best quality, most considerate service and spectacular appearance.

Perfect Location of Zhonghuan Plaza
Xian Zhonghuan PlazaFor Xian tourists, everyone would get to Xian Zhonghuan Plaza. Located adjacent to the famous historical sites - Xian Bell Tower and Drum Tower, this plaza stands the most perfect location. After appreciating the ancient sceneries, it would face a high tide. Connected with the underground pedestrian path, it designed with ideal idea, convenient, safe and easy to get! It is a large scale nine-story building with the seven stories on the earth and two stories underground. The whole building is constructed with Tang style, elegant and spectacular. Combining shopping, entertaining, dining, business hotel and furniture as well as clothes, Zhonghuan Plaza adopted the advanced designing idea and top-class service gained the high fame of comprehensive shopping entertaining square. Most convenient is that large scale parking site is established inside.

Spectacular Inner Arrangement
Once entered into this plaza, you would be impressed by the cosmetics, various shoes and dazzling jewelries, as well as famous cigarette and wine. The second floor provides various colorful female clothes, famous handbags and any other high quality commodities. It is really a wonderful world for the female. If you are very interested in the gentlewomen clothes, go to the third floor. Rare fruits are all arranged here to lure the tourists who are keen on fruits and sweet food. Most attractive will be the modernized digital cinema where you could smell the most fashionable tastes.

Xian Zhonghuan Plaza is an ideal place to offer you leisurely relaxed and exciting shopping feeling after long journey appreciating!