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Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden

Trees in the gardenLocated in Menglun town of Menglai county, around 80km away from Jinghong city, Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden is the largest tropical botanical garden in China. The environment here is so beautiful with mountain and river around that it is praised as "the Emerald on the Crown of the Kingdom of Plants".

Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden is a research base belonging to Chinese Academy of Science- the Tropical Plants Research Institute which was founded in 1959 by Chinese famous botanists including Professor Cai Xitao, who devoted all his life to related scientific research with remarkable achievements. It takes up 860 hectares(15,000 mu) of land. It is not only an important research centre for exploiting, utilizing and protecting tropical plants, but also a garden-like scenic spot.
Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden boasts more than 4000 species of tropical and subtropical plants covering an area of 900 hectares, quite a few of which are rare elsewhere. The single "big banyan" can make a forest. The Upas Tree(Antiarias Tocicaria) produces a lethal poison used on the arrow. The "black-heart" tree can never be cut death when you cut its top, otherwise, more branches will grow out. The "glutinous-rice-smelling bamboo" is used to cook rice by the Dai people. The "clock flower" blossoms when the sun rises and closes when the sun sets. The "big root" is like a concrete wall. "The lusenjiao"(strelitziacease) can save people from thirsty and sunstroke. The "dancing herb" rotates gently while listening to the music. The "king lotus" can hold a baby on its broad leave. The "mysterious fruit" can reverse taste, like turning sour to sweet. The "pattra palm" can be used to write Buddhist Scripture on its leaves. The "jackfruit" can blossom and bear fruit on its stalk. The "lard fruit" enjoys the name of "Oil king" in the forest. The "tuanhua tree"(Anthocephalus Chinensis) grows ten times faster than the pine. The fruit of "yolk fruit tree" has the some colour, shape and taste as an egg. The "colour-changing flower" changes colour three times daily. The "sensitive grass" closes its leaves when one touches it.


Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden Tour

With so many attractive parts, each year, the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden receives about 500,000 visitors including experts, scholars and tourists from all over the world.