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Wild Elephant Valley

Wild Elephant Valley is actually a nature reserve for tropical rainforest and various species of wildlife. It is about 50kms north of Jinghong City. Here in the jungle live about a herd of 70 wildElephants in the Wild Elephant Valley Asian elephants.

To the Dai people, the elephant is the symbol of good luck, strength and longevity. The wild elephants of Xishuangbanna live mainly in the Wild Elephants Valley (yexiang gu), at the junction of the western and eastern part of the Menyang natural reserve. At dawn or dusk, the best time to see the impressive beasts, visitors can view many of the 300 strong elephants herd from an observation tower in the valley. The dense forest in Xishuangbanna is known locally as the "kingdom of elephants".

There is a folktale about Wild Elephant Valley in Xishuangbanna, which sayes: "Dai folks rely on elephants, and elephants depend on Dai folks". The story goes: when the ancestors of the Dai folks immigrated to the Lancang River valley, the folks and drought animals in the villages were often injured by tigers and the people were quite afraid. A wise old man thought an idea and he directed the folks to plant a lot of bamboos and banana plants. Elephants liked to eat bamboos and bananas, hence, they came to seek for food around the villages in groups; the tigers could not win over elephants, therefore, they stayed away from the Dai villages.


Wild Elephant Valley Tour

During Wild Elephant Valley Tour, tourists could see the happy life of wild elephants in Xishuangbanna. Also you will learn more about the life habit of this large animal.