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Yangtze River Cruises

Victoria Cruise in Yangtze River
Victoria Cruise (Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour)

Victoria Cruises is the only American managed fleet on Yangtze River so far. Since 1993, Victoria Cruises has been the leader in luxury river cruising. Victoria Cruises has a fleet of seven Five-Star Ultra-Luxury vessels which bring wonderful trip in Yangtze River for passengers.

Yangtze Premier Cruise in Yangtze River
Yangtze Premier Cruise (Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour)

The Yangtze Premier Series are the most luxurious ships in our fleet; setting the industry's standard of luxury cruising on the Yangtze. Our Premier Series cruises feature magnificent interiors, luxurious accommodations and exceptional service.

New Century Cruise in Yangtze River
New Century Cruise (Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour)

New Century Cruises is called "the most energetic cruise on Yangtze River" with its zero defect, high quality, internationalized service concept. The New Century Cruises with private balcony, European professional hotel decoration and sightseeing elevator in each ship will ensure you a comfortable stay and totally relax during the cruise trip.

President Cruise in Yangtze River
President Cruise (Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour)

President Cruises is quite popular among foreign and Chinese travelers with its largest and luxurious fleet on Yangtze River. The President Cruises with its good facilities and friendly staff service, attract many travelers want to take the Yangtze River cruise.

Yangtze Gold Cruise in Yangtze River
Yangtze Gold Cruise (Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour)

The Yangtze Gold Cruise Ship has the biggest, most modern cruise ships of the world's inland river cruises. They are the only cruises on the Yangtze River built with the most advanced passenger features from international shipbuilders and designed to ocean cruise standards. All guest cabins are equipped with the best five-star hotel facilities.

Yangtze Explorer Cruise in Yangtze River
Yangtze Explorer Cruise (Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour)

Carrying just 124 passengers, the MS Yangzi Explorer offers the finest and most personalized service of any ship sailing the river. International standards of service, delivered by the highest ratio of staff to guests, ensure that every level of comfort is catered for during the cruise.